2015, a year of firsts
Ryan Hoover

Let’s see:

First time in Singapore https://instagram.com/p/7VmQagBNFU/

First time in Indonesia: https://instagram.com/p/77mltmBNPc/

First time on a „hoverboard“ too :)

First time in Dublin/Ireland & Web Summit (was amazing)

First time got robbed :(

First time at Google HQ in Dublin & Munich

First year with AppleWatch & it’s great

First year with two cute cats & they saw first time snow ❄️🌨🐈🐈

First time at Rockavaria festival. Never saw Incubus & Kiss before.

First time working on my own project: HistoryHunt.xyz < Like you already know #HistoryHunt #FamousFirsts 🎉🤓

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