great soil smells bad

Okay so God is awesome yall. Not only did I find an awesome parking spot on the busiest day of the week in the middle of uptown but it turns out that there was an hour and a half paid for on the meter. like what. I wear a large smile on my face walking to my favoirte coffee shop that has a decor design right out of pinterest. The clean, minimalistic vibe with light wood and metal used to its fullest.

Side note: wind is awesome when its not making your hair slick back away from your face so you look like a bald man walking down the street in trendy vintage wear.

Anyways, when I walked into the coffee shop it just so happens my dear friend ashley was there and informed me that our favorite barista Grace had just made an extra almond milk cappacino that had my name all over it. boom.

So not only did I get free parking but I got a free cappacino. Not any cappacino but an almond milk cappacino that goes perfectly with the asthetic of my vintage goodwill clothing.

Plot twist… none of this would have happened unless I had gotten stuck in traffic for thirty minutes to find out I had to turn back around and go the way I came because a part of the city had lost power and in fact was closed off.

Moral of the story… the bad shit makes great soil that grows an excellent flower. So don’t get so down when suddenly a rock makes a small shatter in your windshield or you find out your ex boyfriend is gay.

That shatter adds character and he was gay before yall dated.

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