Little gifts

Today I was running in my neighborhood and it began to rain. At first, the light drops felt nice against my hot skin. Quickly after the lovely thought of rain gently cooling me down my mind reminded me that I should go ahead and turn back because soon it would begin to rain harder and my lovely image of me running in the rain would not be lovely after all.

And so I turned around. I took four steps back toward my home and my mind said: “running in the rain is beautiful, don’t let the discomfort keep you from experiencing that”.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

I stopped dead in my tracks. At that moment, it began to rain harder. (thanks, universe). I decided to not let a little cold rain keep me from experiencing a good run.

With each step slamming against the pavement causing water to move out of my way I felt as if I was conquering the fears that have held my feet from moving. I felt powerful.

It was as if the world knew that this was the exact gift I needed. The gift of being washed clean by the magical rain that falls from the sky. The gift of being interrupted and handed something beautiful. With each step, life was washing all my doubts away. Washing away my fear of being unloved. Washing away the insecurity I have for myself. Washing away the little spots of dirt that kept my heart from shining.

My house came into sight and I laughed; knowing that I had just taken a run in pouring down rain. The grin remained on my face because I felt powerful. Now I am sure for certain that a little bit of rain in our lives makes things all the more fun.

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