How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You — 5 Effective Tips

how to make a scorpio man miss you image
how to make a scorpio man miss you image

Looking for ways on how to make a Scorpio man miss you? He is a person who is completely independent. He will definitely concentrate on a thing 100 percent once he sets his mind on it, and will never give up until he completes it. Quite confident, he is excellent at taking good care of himself. He prefers relaxation at home, instead of going out with friends.

This guy may be in love head over heels over you, but then he suddenly becomes distant or may become defensive or ague. He can disappear for several months, in order to distance himself from you.

So how do you make him miss you?

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How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You?

1. Stop bombarding him with texts and calls

I know you really want to find out what the problem is when Scorpio guys ignore you or begin to act oddly. It’s all Scorpio male traits, though, so it’s best you don’t ask him to explain.

You may feel the need for contact but during those times he doesn’t want to interact.

Throughout this situation, what you have to do is leave your Scorpio Man alone. Let him remain in his own room, and have time to miss you.

When all of a sudden he disappears, just cut him off entirely. No contact, no surveillance, social media-liking him, no comment. The silence is going to speak, and he’s going to be the first one to call you and to also email you.

2. Constantly get him to want more

Exactly what does he want in a girl?

In case you’re thinking that he is expecting his lady to call him whenever possible or talk too much and not able to end the chat, then you’re absolutely wrong.

The reality is: if you’d like the Scorpio man to miss you, then figure out how to become the first person to end the talk. Don’t attempt to get close to him until eventually the two of you get back the closeness which has lost.

Give him something to look forward to, and Keep him waiting, he’ll get back so long as you leave him wanting evermore.

3. Do not be reluctant to say NO

Scorpio man has a tendency to distance himself from you or vanish entirely when he feels annoyed or frustrated about something. He’d become accustomed to the fact you always wait for him to return. As a result, do not make yourself readily available for him and that he’ll miss you.

Always keep yourself occupied rather than hiding behind a telephone. You should have some time and have fun with your friends. Become not available and your Scorpio guy will certainly ponder why he is not receiving any call or message from you.

Oh yeah, tell him that you’re having a great time by posting all your new activities on social websites (ensure he’s stalking you). He’ll then indicate his interest again after discovering how much fun you’re without having him around.

4. Keep mystery around you

A Scorpio man will become bored if he finds no mystery around you. Keep in mind that he is expecting new things throughout his life fields which includes love relationships.

Even though he is faithful, he does not like routines. Therefore, you need to maintain an air of mystery to yourself instead of revealing everything about you in the initial conversation.

Even if he’s curious to find out, you mustn’t reveal everything you are thinking or feeling. When he has got the answer he craves for, he’ll lose interest again. It’s a necessity to become unpredictable when you’re with the Scorpio man.

Generally, don’t allow him to be comfortable in your presence.

5. Carry on with your life

Last but not least, substitute his presence with someone or something different.

You can’t devote all of your life to make a Scorpio man miss you, right? If you think that there isn’t any good result with him, then it is preferable to move ahead rather than wasting your time on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Feel relaxed to have a romantic night out with a new person or perhaps friend. Needless to say, this isn’t a jealousy game; Rather than missing your Scorpio lover, you need to get a new hobby to engage in that can make you stay busy.

In the event that he genuinely desires you in his life, he then has to be the one initiate contacting and let you know that he misses you.

You mustn’t undervalue the power of absence given that absence helps make the heart grow fonder.

In Summary

You may already know, Scorpio guy is sensitive and emotional; even so, he lives in to wear on a tough and composed exterior.

Do not condemn his disappearing behaviors as he easily gets hurt. Despite the fact that he’s apparently cool and composed, deeply he does have extreme strength, immense passion, and constant drive.

He does things with absolute perfection and dedication.

For that reason, never ever question his love for you. Simply trust him that he will put your interest in the priority in his mind.

If you’re somebody that is looking to get lots of experiences in life, you should look at dating a Scorpio because he constantly comes up with challenges and passion.

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