How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text or Whatsapp?

Michael Wilson
Apr 15 · 9 min read
How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text image
How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text image

There is someone you like. How to tell if a girl likes you over text and Whatsapp? I will show you exactly that now. Continue to read on…

Use this mind hack to make any girl feel uncontrollable Sexual Desire for you…

Learn a “secret language” that makes any woman feel an uncontrollable obsession for you.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text or Whatsapp? 15 Signals

How you know if someone likes you via WhatsApp is the same for men and women.

And if there is a difference, I will tell you clearly.

So after reading this article you always know if someone likes you.

In this article you will get:

  • Signals on all media; WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder …
  • Flirt signals from real life
  • How you can impress her with a nice photo, without sending her.

# 1 “Timing is everything”

You get many more different ways to know if someone likes you on WhatsApp.

  1. She shows and sends a lot of emotion. If someone shows you emotion, it is always a good sign. Even if they are bad emotions.
  2. She wants to fit in.
  3. She responds quickly.

Take a look at these timestamps :

  • When you send it at 20:33, she replies at 20:33.
  • When you send it at 20:34, she replies at 20:37.
  • And when you send at 20:37, she replies at 20:38.

So lightning fast.

When someone answers quickly every time, you know that person is enjoying the conversation with you.

# 2 Double sign that she likes you

A sign that you are always looking for is how much interest the other person is showing.

A WhatsApp or Tinder sign that shows a lot of interest is the double text.

And yes, it also counts via SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Pro tip: A double text is when someone sends you a message, while the last message already came from him/her.

And I don’t mean that someone sends several messages at once.

There must be a pause in between.

For example,

At 11:50 pm she sent a few messages replying to you.

She sends 4 messages there. They do not count as double texts (or quadruple texts). They were sent in one go.

At 03:08 at night she sends “finally sleep”. This is a double text because I had not yet replied to her previous texts.

A double text is one of the clearest signs that someone likes you . If this is very common, it may even mean someone is in love with you.

It is always the other person who asks for more of your attention.

The sender of a double text

In this case specifically:

Does she think I want to know … that she’s going to sleep?


She hopes I’m still awake and will return. She wants my attention.

#3–4–5 Which says more than 1000 words

Sometimes someone makes it very clear that she likes you.

When that person sends you three flirt signals simultaneously via the app…

So simple and so clear.

Here are the three signals from this example:

  1. You get a picture. A photo weighs more than text. Moreover, it is not that you asked for this photo. You also have not just sent a photo yourself. You simply receive a photo without being asked. That is a sign that someone is interested.
  2. A second sign is that it is not just a photo. It is a selfie.

Why does a selfie show more interest than another photo?

Because a selfie shows the person herself.


She text: “I hope this photo reminds you of how attractive I am. Then you will like me;) ”

Another sign is time. You know someone likes you through text when they send in the evening.

If you get messages at night, this is still a clear sign. Depending on the alcohol the other is consuming.

Image for post
Image for post

If you know that the other person is already in bed, this means that she is thinking of you in bed.

# 6 How you know someone likes you on Instagram

Social media, the newest plague we all participate in.

You have social media, and the person you text with also.

Whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or anything else …

… The signals are the same.

How do you know if someone likes you?

If he/she likes your posts, respond to your stories, or other interactions with what you do.

With two caveats:

  • When someone likes your photo once, it doesn’t mean much.
  • The type of post you create also plays a role, of course.
    If you upload photos of your dog every time, that other person may be crazy about dogs.

Post your stories/videos/photos that feature yourself, or of things you do …

… then you know someone likes you.

Just notice who likes you when you share something on social media.

Does that person do that over and over?

Then he/she shows interest.

Time to give her back some love.


It does not always have to wait until you notice that someone has liked your posts a few times in a row.

If she liked a picture of yours. After which you returned the pleasure and sent her some love. Then she liked another photo of yours.

Someone who is not interested in you would not do such a thing.

# 7 A smart trick to see if she likes you

Speaking of unsolicited photos…

One plays a bit smarter on WhatsApp than the other …

Sending a photo immediately shows a lot of interest.

Because how are you seen WITHOUT having to send a photo?

For that I will easily give you this hack.

Because of this you can smartly use your profile picture.

When you notice someone changing their photo while you are talking …

… then that is a sign that he/she likes you.

(unless that person changes it for someone else they are chatting with at the same time;))

I sometimes use this trick myself.

In the screenshot below, I switch profile pictures because I know she is online.

Image for post
Image for post

So you can:

  • Make her extra attracted with your 10/10 photo
  • Give her motive to start or resume the conversation with you


# 8 The principle of investing

It’s pretty obvious, but I mention it anyway:

When someone sends very long messages, he or she is interested in you. Maybe even in love if you’ve known each other for a long time, and it’s certainly not a friendzone situation you’re in.

The longer the message, the more interest.

Ultimately, it’s all about the effort, energy, and time someone invests in you.

A longer message takes more effort.

Pro tip :

If you are in an enthusiastic mood, be careful not to send messages that are too long. This can be daunting.

Take a look at this thesis that a woman sent me on Tinder.

In the end, she also realized that she was scaring me off with her gigantic investment. But by then it is often too late.

Here an example screenshot:

Image for post
Image for post

# 9 How you know someone likes you: More = Better

So if someone sends very long messages, it shows more interest.


But the same principle also applies on a small scale.

What I mean by that is that the message doesn’t have to be long.

She may also make her words longer.

And no, by that I do not mean that you should pay attention or use the other long words such as “occupational accident insurance”.

It can also be more of a letter, a syllable, punctuation, or emojis.

This picture makes the picture clear:

Image for post
Image for post

The more “y”, the more interested.

The same with “haha”.

You have undoubtedly already experienced it. You send a message to a Tinder Match or a crush.

The answer?


That is really super pussy.

But what if the answer was “hahahahahahahahahahaha” .

Immediately less cunt right?

Crazy how that works. But the longer the smile, the more interested.

Just look at this conversation, where 3 of the 4 examples will immediately appear:

  • More letters
  • More punctuation marks
  • More emojis
Image for post
Image for post
  • Heyyyyyyyyyy, claudiaaaaaaaaaaa, barcaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Emoji emoji, emoji emoji emoji
  • Enjoy !!

If it is not clear that this lady is enthusiastic, then I do not know anymore. The signals almost boil over.

# 10 Clear sign of interest

“A good start is half the battle”

And a good start is only half the battle. But a good start is only half. As Willie Wartaal once said poetically.

When it comes to chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, it is.

Whoever starts the conversation is the first to invest.

And shows interest.

Very logical of course. You don’t voluntarily start a conversation with someone you don’t like talking to.

If you notice that someone regularly starts a conversation against you on the app…

… then you can count on this person to like you.

# 11 A rare flirtation signal on Text or WhatsApp

The tenth way to see if she likes you on text or WhatsApp is very clear.

Clear, but rarer.

When your crush gives you a nickname on WhatsApp…

… Then it’s on.

Especially if that nickname has just been invented.

This is what a student asked me this summer during a decorated Bootcamp :

“Hey Michael, I told my match yesterday that I played very competitive badminton. Now she suddenly calls me “Badminton”. Is this good?”

I was able to reassure him immediately.

Yes, this is good.

And for two reasons.

  1. She has made up a nickname for you on her own. That’s an investment.
  2. The nickname is very teasing. It refers back to when you were a little kid. Moreover, badminton is not the toughest sport on earth. But this is good.

# 12 Listen (at least) to your teacher

Because teasing is asking for kisses.

This is true and it is true when you send messages.

You only tease someone if you like them.

You prefer to elicit a response.

You want attention from the person you like so much.

So pay attention: does someone tease you on the app?

Then you can put +1 on the like-me-meter again.

One of the most common ways to see if someone likes you on WhatsApp is the following:

# 13–14 Sample app conversation

A very easy way to know if she likes you now.

Does she ask a lot of questions?

If the answer is “yes”, then you are busy.

Again, all the ways someone is trying to get your attention are signs of interest.

# 15 Do my crush like me? That’s how you know

You talk to your crush.

She is talking to you about… something.

What are you just talking about? That tells you a lot about what you want from each other.

When they like someone, men often feel the urge to talk about sexual things. You can pay attention to that as a woman. But beware, he doesn’t necessarily like you. He may also want to sleep with you. He wants your attention, sex, or both.

Image for post
Image for post

But even when a woman talks to you about sexual things, she is attracted to you. Chances are she has already imagined entire scenarios.

In general, you can keep this rule:

The more personal the topics, the more she likes you.

The last sign I give you is one that you can only see when you are online.

How do you know if he/she likes you on WhatsApp — Bonus Sign!

Have you ever had that you just check WhatsApp …

… And coincidentally a message comes in.

Maybe that’s not as accidental as you think.

The person who sent you may have just noticed that you were online on WhatsApp.

“So if I send something now, the chance of an answer is greater because she was online”

And so you just get a message when you’re browsing WhatsApp.

The other person saw you online, and text you instantly…

Use this mind hack to make any girl feel uncontrollable Sexual Desire for you…

Learn a “secret language” that makes any woman feel an uncontrollable obsession for you.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text or Whatsapp?

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