What makes a powerful business woman? Here are 5 leadership qualities for a business woman which don’t need words to be expressed.

There are so many successful independent business and corporate women around us. There are few who inspire us and some who ignite our thoughts. Have you ever wondered, what are the different things they do or why do they look magical. Why is it that they seem to look wholesome in their approach towards everything in life? Is it their art of people engagement, their technical expertise or their impression? Well, all of this and much more. Generally…

Have you ever noticed your boss looking cool and calm in a conversation with you, until he gets an update on a sudden client visit to take place in a couple of hours? What is the first thing you notice? He unbends himself, stiffens his posture. That is the first instinctive gesture one displays to show alertness. What is the next thing you notice, the facial expressions expand, the pupils of the eyes expand and there could be an eyebrow raise to showcase surprise, followed by alertness. And what about the voice? That opens a whole new can of worms…

Do you admire others? I’m pretty sure you do. Who are these people? Family, friends, not so friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors ? Or public figures ? We usually deeply admire those who we know and those who are accessible. That is because we connect with them more, we can map their growth and success. What would you say if someone asks you about the things you admire in these people? Probably few adjectives to describe their achievements, few examples or incidents on how they made it, the way they talk, their presence and conduct; and you could go on.


Shreya Dhingra

I am an Image Coach. I work with clients on every aspect of Image Management from wardrobe & shopping to leadership & body language www.yourimageandi.in

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