I am…. ? Who?

Do you admire others? I’m pretty sure you do. Who are these people? Family, friends, not so friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors ? Or public figures ? We usually deeply admire those who we know and those who are accessible. That is because we connect with them more, we can map their growth and success. What would you say if someone asks you about the things you admire in these people? Probably few adjectives to describe their achievements, few examples or incidents on how they made it, the way they talk, their presence and conduct; and you could go on.

Its good to get inspired, it helps us look ahead and stay focused. But it doesn’t take much time for inspiration to transpire into obsession. In this excessively visual world that it is becoming, we easily wrap ourselves around the name and fame of others. So much so that we forget our own existence. It starts reflecting in little things like introducing ourselves to others. We get so obsessed with what others do and who they are, that we go blank when someone asks us to talk a bit about our own selves. And what do we say? We take support of brands to define us. Our self introductions include names of the companies we have worked for, the colleges where we studied, the work experience we have, along with a brief mention of family. But where are we in this introduction? Why do we forget to use some adjectives for ourselves like we use for others to describe them? Why are we unable to identify our USP and shout it out to the world? Why are we always short of interesting stories about us? Because there is a spark within us we never see.

Here is one thing you can start doing with immediate effect to sound super confident, smart and ignited. But you need to sit for about 30 minutes for this one. No distractions. Just you in a room with a pen, sheet of paper and your favorite beverage. Head the sheet with the word ‘Strengths’. Start listing all the obvious ones that come to your mind in the first 30 seconds. That’s the easiest part. The thinking starts after that. Now that you have written things like you are hard working, loyal, dedicated etc. ; get back to reality. 9 on 10 people think they have these strengths . I’m sure these are your strengths but what about things that make you ‘YOU’ and not anyone else? What about that one thing which you do better than anyone else you know? Write that down. Now that is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

The next thing you must do is write a 45 second self introduction which has about 15 second of name and some personal information, next 15 seconds of profession and your profile and the last 15 seconds of your USP description which describes you professionally, personally and socially. After completing this, stand in front of a mirror and give the introduction out loud. Do it once, again, again, again, again, again and again till the time you can say it even in your sleep.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed an elevator’s pitch about yourself. Last but certainly not the least, deliver your elevator’s pitch in front of 3 new people in the next 2 weeks. Observe people’s responses. Chances are you will experience a meaningful and interesting conversation with these people. They will show some interest to know more about you. Take it forward from there.

Now you too are among those who you secretly admire !