Ninette Wachtel
Apr 4, 2018 · 2 min read

In A Happy N’ Healthy Relationship, You Become Two…

Have you ever heard the saying: In a relationship “you become one”? Well, I don’t know about that…

Some people, whom we’ll call the “overly giving people”, really want to please their partner up to a point where it becomes damaging for their own well-being and personal growth. They are so determined to make their partner happy that they tend to forget about themselves altogether. And when they don’t quite get back as much as they gave, they feel hurt and confused as to why that turned out to be the case. The more they give, the less they receive. This conundrum can go on and on and it usually doesn’t end well.

And then there are those who want so very much to give to another, but are afraid to do so because they fear that if they give too much of themselves, they may perhaps become vulnerable to the other person and end up getting hurt. They find themselves neither giving nor receiving as much as they’d like to, and as a result they feel distant altogether and lost as to what to do next.

Then again, there are all those happy and balanced people out there. They do actually exist in the world. What is their secret? If you’re expecting this long-never-ending list of their whats and hows on making this happen, you won’t find it here. Although, you will find this short, sweet, and right-on-the-mark answer to their “secret”. And here it is: They give themselves first and foremost whatever they truly need and want. Then, they can naturally give to the other person from a place of love, willingness, ease, and “healthy n’ happy energy” that can only lead to more good things.

As the title of this article implies: “In A Happy N’ Healthy Relationship, You Become Two”. This refers to remaining true to your true self. You are still you. A whole and independent person with your own wants, needs, opinions, beliefs etc. that you ought to continue satisfying within your relationship together with another being as a part of your life. It is vital that you don’t do things together with your partner “without yourself”, but rather “with yourself” together with your partner. This is truly the secret to a happy n’ healthy relationship with yourself AND with your significant other.

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