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True Freedom

Ninette Wachtel
Nov 16, 2018 · 3 min read

What does true freedom/happiness mean to you?

Some people believe that they’ll feel true freedom/happiness when they move into a bigger apartment in a different neighborhood or own a house of their own, have that relationship partner they’ve been waiting for, finish their degree, go on that long vacation they’ve been wanting to go on in forever, get that job or that girl or that car, etc. Other people believe that they’ll feel free-er and happier when they’re that person they want so much to become, which is the absolute best version of themselves in their eyes.

It’s interesting how many people get most of those things in life, if not all of them, and yet they still don’t quite feel as free and happy as they’d really like to be feeling. Some people, when finally accomplishing these things, even feel worse off because they don’t have the next best thing they’re currently looking to get. And of course, there are those people who do end up feeling that free-happy-feeling in the beginning when they first finally have what they’ve been wanting all along, but that free-happy-feeling only lasts temporarily, and they wonder why, since they thought that was what they’ve been wanting all this time.

What people seem to fail to understand is that it’s never really about getting this or that thing, but rather about the feeling they believe it’ll bring them in the having of it. They totally can feel that free-happy-feeling when they get what they’ve been wanting. It’s just that the first step to making that happen is to allow themselves to feel good now, in their present moment, without having their desires fulfilled externally yet, and trust that it’ll all come in perfect timing.

If you’re not already feeling true freedom in your life, what do you imagine it would feel like to you?

Whether it’s financial freedom, freedom within a relationship, family or friendships, absolutely all of these freedoms or any other freedom stem from having emotional freedom first and foremost. I found that this is truly the only way to go, and what’s great about it is that it’s actually the best-simplest-feeling way when we allow.

To me, true freedom feels like home sweet home. It’s when I feel that I am genuinely excited and intrigued about my next moment and what amazing experiences will unfold because of it. It’s a feeling of connection to my inner knowing that everything in my life as it is today and at any other time in my life is pure custom-made-perfection, be it my past, future or present moment. True freedom is when I feel a relaxation all over my body and I’m willingly to be fully present to that feeling. It’s when I feel that I am entirely present and connected to everything and everyone in the moments of my life — the colors, sensations, smells, sounds, my daily intuitive bursts, the life force energy that vibrates throughout my body, flowing so smoothly and comfortably when I meditate or as a sign to me indicating I’m on the right track for myself, the beauty of nature all around me, the beautiful smiling faces of children and the sound of their laughter. True freedom is when I feel myself truly connecting to now exactly as it is, with no specific expectation of having anything more than this, while simultaneously knowing that there’s so much more deliciousness coming my way, simply because of how good I feel in my powerful present moment.

Don’t you feel somewhat free-er and perhaps a bit happier just reading this? You do, don’t you? So, what does that tell you about what true freedom is to you?

Ninette Wachtel

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