Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Shared Hosting?

There are thousands of web hosting products out there, and they can get pretty expensive. This is especially the case if you might be paying for something more advanced than what you really need. From shared hosting to virtual private servers to dedicated servers to cloud solutions, there really is a way to host every single kind of website. However, you might not be using the right product for your needs, and your web host might not be telling you if the product you are using is more than what you need. Here are some tips to help you save money with shared hosting.

1. Shared hosting is a lot more versatile than you might think

You might think that shared hosting is only good for hosting a basic WordPress site, and while many people do use their shared hosting for a basic WordPress site, shared hosting is great for many more uses than just WordPress. You can host virtually any kind of website from video streaming to a social network to a wiki on shared hosting. Even though the name “shared hosting” suggests that you need to host a website, you can use it for other purposes, too. Some common purposes that we have seen are email hosting (where there is no website created, but the user creates email addresses for their business) and file hosting (where they are hosting lots of files, like backups, for their business or home use).

2. Shared hosting is more powerful than you might think

In the early 2000s, shared hosting got a bad reputation for not being very powerful. In theory, it makes sense — you’re sharing a server with hundreds of other websites. However, server hardware has become more and more powerful, and developers have become more and more adept at writing scripts that are less resource intensive and more efficient. With today’s shared hosting, you can expect to use about 1 GB of RAM and get fair use out of 1 processor core. This is a lot more powerful than it was a few years ago when clients would be lucky if their host let them use more than 32 MB of RAM.

3. Shared hosting doesn’t have to be oversold.

This is another time that shared hosting got a bad reputation. Many classic web hosting companies are known to oversell their shared hosting and put thousands of websites on a single server without considering the implications on their clients’ websites. It used to be a common problem, and still is a problem for the cheapest accounts, but in most cases the servers are not oversold, and you do not need to fight with other accounts for the proper resources.

Shared hosting, once the bastion of web hosting, has fallen from its grace, but fear not as it is still a viable web hosting product. While some issues have marred its past, shared hosting is again a strong web hosting product that is able to help new website owners and established website owners save money on the costs of having their website online.