Congratulations on the launch of Driver!

Your Majesty
Sep 7, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear Will, Petros, and the Driver family,

Congratulations on the launch of Driver.

During our Driver’s stand up this morning in Amsterdam, the first thing many of us recounted doing immediately after waking up was to look up on Google, “Driver, the cure for cancer treatment.” — one of our many collaborative outputs — came back as the first result, and it puts smiles on our faces. As the morning went by, we continued to be shown with an insurmountable amount of Driver-covered press, and that’s when it hit all of us; we are out there.

Will & Petros, the entire Your Majesty team wants to say thank you. Thank you for inviting us on your mission of creating the cure for cancer care.

The past 6 months of our hard work, hour-long discussions, intense debates & sleepless nights all led up to this exciting moment — the beginning. As much as we are excited about the launch, we are even more invigorated than ever before. Seeing our app in the hands of patients, hearing about their experiences with Driver and knowing that there are still countless more patients in need of our services, fuels the fire in us.

There is still a lot to do, and we cannot wait until our next heated discussion on how not to lose sight of putting our patients first.

Until then, together with the entire Driver team, we are here to be your rock. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly while you are out on the field, putting more treatments into the hands of more patients; continuing to cure cancer treatment.

Sincerely yours,

Your Majesty
A design and technology firm in New York and Amsterdam.

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About Driver

Based in San Francisco and Shanghai, Driver is a technology platform that connects cancer patients to treatments and knowledge, all over the world, to get more life. With an app for the patient and an app for the doctor, Driver’s platform enables any cancer patient, regardless of their location, to access treatment options that are available at Driver’s network of partner centers without leaving home. Driver’s partner network includes over 30 of the world’s top cancer centers, including its flagship partners the US National Cancer Institute and the Chinese National Cancer Center. Other inaugural members of Driver’s network include the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, University of California San Francisco, Stanford, University of California Los Angeles, Duke, Emory, University of Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

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