UX Design Sprint: Coke Freestyle Interface 🥤

Ariana M. Davis
Mar 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Can Coca-Cola reinvent the Coke Freestyle Machine?


  • Redesign the Coke Freestyle interface to meet the needs of regular users & power users of the interface, both the freestanding machine & through their mobile app.

Things to consider / include:

  • How are the drink options organized on the screen? — by type? by flavor?
  • What if you just want water?
  • Do you need to worry about drink cup sizes? or does one size fit all?
  • Can you create a mixed drink at the machine? or only using the app?
  • Can you save your favorite drinks at the machine?
  • How can we make the app more convenient and more useful for powers users?

Two Stage Brainstorm Process:

Stage One: Everyone on our team at first agreed that redesigning an interface that Coca-Cola designed is definitely easier said than done. One issue we really wanted to tackle was allowing the user to easily choose their three drinks through the Coca Cola mobile app without any confusion or simply feeling overwhelmed. One solution we came up with was listing all the Coca Cola branded drinks on the initial mobile selection page with three dot indicators shown underneath so it doesn’t seem like they’ll be scrolling forever ( kind of like how Tumblr is ) . Once getting the ball rolling we came up with another concept idea to have the user’s drink selection sent over via ( Bluetooth or Wifi ) to a designated kiosk where the users would be able to search and select their drink on the Coca Cola machine.

Stage Two: Breaking down the Coca Cola mobile app page by page, we also came across a feature where Coca Cola would break up the drinks you selected to equal a total amount of 100%. Based on the current visual representation of this on the mobile app is currently represented as a pie chart indicator which is a completely odd visual. Wanting to completely knick’s this out we came up with the idea to redesign this visual representation of the drinks totaling 100% by using a Coca Cola bottle to stay on brand while having a better visual.


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