F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

You nailed it pretty well. I think we’ve all been there.
The ups and downs of getting hired some place and working for someone.

It seems the larger, the more corporate a company is, the worse it gets.

A core problem now of days is most of lot of the Software Engineering world is heavily academic based. In other words people that have spent four plus years listening and practicing to theory with less hands on experience (like I and probably you have). I’m mainly self taught and when I enter a new area (of engineering) I dive in and become proficient in it as possible. I learn the hows, whys, whens with a deep understanding and aim for the practical.

The problem is “the lunatics have taken over the asylum”. In other words these same College pukes are now Technical Directors, etc., that approve or otherwise control the hiring process.
Why should they hire someone who doesn’t have the same mentality as them? This is who they understand.

In many cases “the blind leading the blind”.

And is at least partially why the world is full of shitty, bloated, and buggy software. The emphasis is a knowledge about tricky software puzzles and other bullshit that has little to nothing to do about a practical whole system view of software.

And look at it from the employer perspective. For that matter to be frankly critical about it. A lot of people just suck at what they do. They just don’t give a shit about what they are doing and make no effort to improve. Probably lazy, just looking to get by with the minimal at the end of the day and get paid.

But these things being said, to get anywhere you have look at things the way they are. Look at things honestly and realistically.

Don’t give up. It’s like finding any good relationship, you have to keep at it and keep looking until you find it. You need a find a company that at least matches your engineering point of view.
Find some place that is not full of douchebags and idiots. Or at least the one part of a company that isn’t.

If you like a company, really show them that you want to work there. Fight for it. With luck, perseverance, and a positive attitude you’ll find a good fit for you..