How Digital Nomads and Expert Travelers Use Calling & Texting Apps

Top 10 Calling and Texting Money Saving Tips

As the CEO of YouRoam, a calling and texting mobile app with over 100,000 global users, I often get the question “how do I avoid paying outrageous roaming and long-distance bills?” This top 10 list was created after hundreds of conversations with our ‘power’ users as they share the clever ways they use mobile apps to save money while staying connected with their family, friends and customers.

1) Get Cheap and Free Long Distance and Roaming

Forward your phone number into a calling app to receive all your calls anywhere in the world for 1 cent per minute. If your phone is turned off or away from WiFi or 3G, let the app keep track of all your missed calls and voicemails so you can see them once you get back to WiFi.

2) No More Minutes?

If you are running low on minutes or can’t afford that outrageous cellphone plan, use a calling app to make and receive calls over WiFi for free or for 1 cent/minute. Most calling apps don’t use your minutes or text allotment since calls and texts are over WiFi.

3) Bad Cellphone Reception?

If you have bad reception, use a calling app to make all your outbound calls over WiFi. Choose an app that will display your phone number on the caller ID so your friends won’t ignore your calls.

4) Working Remotely

If you need to call your boss, clients or co-workers and want to display your work caller ID during your day playing hooky on the beach, just register your work phone number and use a calling app that will display your work number on their caller ID.

5) Virtual World Headquarters

Have a virtual office in a different part of the world? Register with an international phone number and your clients will see your calls from their local city/country and will be less likely to avoid your calls. They will also have a cheap way to call you back!

6) Home Phone using an iPad, tablet or iPod Touch

Want to be able to call your kids or wife on a home phone but don’t feel like paying $25 a month for service? Install a calling app on your iPad or iPod Touch. Give it to your kids to take to school in case of an emergency.

7) Local Sim Card for Cheap Data

Need a cheap data plan while you travel? Use a calling app with a local Sim card to receive all your calls on your regular cellphone and all your local calls on the local Sim card number. Plus you get a cheap way to check Medium, Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve left numbers 8–10 for YOUR comments

What clever ways do you use calling and texting apps to stay connected? Want to help us shape our calling app (YouRoam)? Email me your suggestions and features requests to




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