I wanted to be an air force pilot….

An untold life story of this new bollywood sweetheart. This new social media sensation comes from a small town in UP called Bareilly. You will be left in surprise that this budding talent didn’t have any friends and she was a complete unsocial being till her 20’s. She she gew up in an unbiased environment where she could hardly relate to girls.

When asked about her routine. She says “I grew up with a sister and a younger brother, in a house where every evening was spent performing a dance routine in front of our parents with my sister. My house was a place where there was no difference between being a boy or a girl. If the car broke down, I had to push it myself. “My father made me very tough. I used to be skinny, but my sister is very strong. And now because she’s had army training, she can do pretty much do anything.”

It was during her B.Tech when the idea of becoming an actress clicked her and it was a tough decision not only for her but for the entire family as per Miss Patani. Disha Says — “ It was a very big decision when I decided to leave B. Tech to come to Mumbai. But they were always supportive. At one point, I felt I shouldn’t do it. My mother encouraged me then. The fact that they don’t know so much about this world, but still try to understand it is so sweet.”

She made her first bollywood debut with Sushant Singh Rajpoot in MS-Dhoni and robbed hearts of many with her innocence and charismatic performance. Before that, we saw and loved her shaking a leg with Tiger Shroff in the T-series single ‘Befikra’. After seeing her expertise in both dancing and acting, it’s hard to believe that the actress was pursuing some other career.

She says although she was very shy in her early childhood but she feels the freedom in front of camera and can be anything from a becoming a character to sell you talcum powder or telecom connections. As far as advertising goes, Patani was a fresh face but she ended up signing a contract with the brand and rest we all know. She accepted everything that came to her way as a God’s blessing and didn’t loose hope during her struggle days.

This industry seems very luring and attractive and easy going, but it takes everything from sleepless nights to a broken leg to ace as an actor. But it’s good going…

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