How to find a good Handyman Woburn MA

It is a bit tricky locating a good handyman as a homeowner. You probably have a little time to source one due to the number of tasks at hand and their urgency. A number of handymen services are offered by handymen including some little jobs that special skills or tools might be required. Even though it could be a bit difficult getting a handyman, it becomes very easy to source handyman if you follow these tips.

Locating a handyman

The first thing you should do is ask family members, neighbors and/or friends that you trust if they can recommend a handyman for you. Usually, they might have used one or two in the past that was very beneficial to them. The major advantage of this is that you will be getting someone that has been used by the person referring him to you and that they got satisfactory result. There might however, be the issue of different services. It is possible the other person might have used him for tasks he was best at, while he might not be too good at the tasks you want him to carry out for you. You therefore, have to reconcile this. You can also check online as searching for handymen on the internet will return a lot of results. You however, have to do the work of vetting them to be sure that you end up picking a good and right one. Other tips discussed below will help you achieve this.


The next thing you should do is to screen the handyman. If it is from a family member or friend, call them and ask the type of services they specialize on. If you are reading from the internet, check for reviews about the handyman. If you see any handyman with a lot of negative reviews or bad reviews, you should avoid them. This will aid you not to have a similar bad experience with them. You might also want to request for contacts of people he has worked for in the past. He should be able to provide you 2 to 3, whom you can call to confirm their experiences. There is however, the possibility of arranging such with friends.

Physical contact

You can now tell the handyman to come around, so that you can see him. You will be able to assess him, even though looks can be deceptive, and you should not bank on that. If you however, have a bad feeling on sighting him, you might want to look for another, so that you do not have regrets at the end.


A handyman should have some sort of insurance. You should request if he has one, so that if he mistakenly destroys something in your house he can’t afford, the insurance company can make up for it.


Charges are also very important. You should let him know exactly what you want him to do. You should also ask for his price. Price should be negotiated and agreed to by both parties before work starts.

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