Customer Review: Smart Web Vacations makes dream vacations possible.

My name is Pete Branch. I am a husband and father of two beautiful girls from Toronto, ON.

I’m going to put it all out there right now. I really didn’t see a vacation as a possibility this year. Juggling house and student loan payments, I just didn’t think there was a way. Thankfully, I was proven wrong by Smart Web Vacations. My wife and I just took my year old daughter to Disney World in Orlando. It was so affordable and we had a great time.

Travel clubs usually are a horrible deal. You end up spending a lot of money to get a whole lot of nothing in return. The meager savings you do get don’t get you much back in return. I can’t tell you all the horror stories of travel clubs that are actually timeshares in disguise. Smart Web Vacations is different. They actually save you money while providing great customer service.

My wife loved seeing Minnie. She felt like a little girl again.

See, Smart Web Vacations is different. You get Smart Dollars which you can use on anything in the program.

Seeing them so happy is priceless.

My daughters love their new princess dresses. And I love the amazing deals from Smart Web.

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