Thoughts on life.

Recently I have been thinking to myself ‘life is quite difficult’, it seems like mere days ago you were an innocent child with no responsibilities and all of a sudden you’re in debt and working 50+ hours a week just to survive, with others suddenly relying on your support, I often wonder do we all feel the same? Like children who have been given a costume and asked to pretend to be an adult for 60+ years.

I’ll never know exactly if everyone else feels the same way but it would go a ways to explain why so many people stumble upon the path of addiction and pleasure seeking, maybe we human beings were not evolved to deal with such highly complicated stressors? However, there ARE things that I have found that help me keep these external factors in life, under control,

  1. Mindfullness Meditation; Some kind of present moment awareness practice, daily, really helps tame the mind, it’s like a muscle that gets stronger every time you use it.
  2. Excercise/Physical work; Often times our inner pain seems to be caused by our constant ruminating over things that have or haven’t happened, when we are doing some activity that requires hard physical exertion these ruminations quickly make way too a sea of calmness and tranquillity, a sense of accomplishment and pride follows.
  3. Be Grateful; I find it to be useful every once and a while to reflect on the things in life you are grateful for, be it big or small, just think about the people and/or things in your life that make you happy, I feel gratitude is an irreplaceable emotion on the journey of life.
  4. Keep Perspective; no matter how difficult life gets there is always someone somewhere who would give a limb to be in your position, the fact you are reading this is proof of that, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when your problems appear so real in the moment, step back and take stock of how lucky you really are, make the most of the good hand you were dealt.

These are not the solutions to everything as unfortunately nobody has figured that out yet, however these actions if done habitually could really help you or someone you know through a difficult time, Thanks for reading, good luck and remember, this is Your Sole Life

If you are suffering from severe depression these actions do not supplement professional help.

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