all is lost.

Where are you? You used to be there for me. To tell me how worth it I am and how I am loved completely. What happened to the person I love? Why did you let this screen affect who you are? I am disappointed with how this toxic media invaded the way you see things.

You changed. You used to be happy with what’s given to you but now everything you have is not enough for you. You’re never satisfied and it scares me that I — we can’t meet your expectations.

Why do I feel like it’s my fault? Is it bad to reason out just for once that I’m right? I know I make mistakes but why would you let this speck of wrong change my future and well-being?

Maybe I should apologize. But how could I do that when you’re too consumed with your time on the screen? Heck, you don’t even know what’s happening in our lives anymore. You never see the effort, the struggle, the cry for help… for your affection, for your time.

Words shouldn’t affect me but it was painful to know it came from you. I’m sorry I’m not as gifted as you think. I’m sorry that my effort to change how I look like physically is not enough for you. I’m sorry that I forgot to do things because I was too focused with helping someone who really needs it. I’m sorry that everything isn’t enough!

I love you still, but I don’t know how you made it possible to kill me.

— para mãe

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