Another thought: OLDIES.

Here I am, sitting in front of the dim light from my laptop and playing “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer. And I wonder, what does it feel to live way back?

Lately, I’ve been watching movies from the 70’s to the 90’s. And I can see how their fashion changed throughout time. From edgy to pop, and to those hairstyles that went from spiked to the top, to teased and volumed. From the house parties that I wish I could go to [but can’t, of course, those were decades ago] and of course, to the subtle rock music that always seem to be the OST of their life.

I wish I was able to live that time — based from the movies that I’ve watched, interactions with one another was more involved. Confrontations about each other was tackled face to face, bonding with your friends by having rendezvous moments (a.k.a., the sweet car moments where you just don’t give a damn and let the wind flow through your hair while screaming anything you want), and you don’t need internet to talk to someone over the (tele)phone.

I fell in love with the music, style, and of course the romance. YES. I live to meet my own true match just like in those movies. But what’s worse is that they portrayed something that could never happen in real life. It gave an idea for others to have a double standard onto what they want in a relationship — but what the hell, who knows, I might cross paths with mine someday and hopefully he’ll be the one to live up to my expectations (and I to his of course).

And well, this of course is just something I was thinking while listening to music and watching movies older than me but who knows, my past life might’ve lived those moments that’s why I’m in love with the thought of the things that I mentioned. Here’s to the past! JJANG!!!!!!!

Yours truly,


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