I wonder if we’ll still be stuck in the same road after a few months? Everything from day 1 was platonic — and I thought that would change. Every thing that happened was just intoxicating and overwhelming. Would you believe I kept an oath I swore? And who would’ve thought that oath would mean nothing at the end?

It wounds me to see the both of you drift apart when before all of this happened you found comfort in each other…what happened to the fire built inside the vault of your thoughts?

If you’re someone really close to me, you’ll know that the things that I want are so different from the things that I want to happen. I’m conceited, vain, and prideful. But am I really? I want to know if I really am. Because I’ve been helping myself to change while I’m still with these people I’ve been with for the past 5 years. And I’m glad that I’m surrounded with people who are willing to help me and share laughter with me. Thanks a bunch.

Just one more week and we’ll have a record of a month. Damn. Do you know how many days it takes for someone to build a new habit? 21 days. And yes, I’ve been counting, waiting for the wave to crash upon me, and ruin the walls I built. They asked me questions I wasn’t able to answer because to be honest, I don’t know — really, I don’t. It came down to the point that it feels like we’re both on the other side of the room. Trapped in the clouds of our mind.


Yours truly,


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