Oh, my iridescent thoughts.

I wish I could make this post somehow light and not too heavy to read but DAMN. Has it just been a month since I last posted here? Well anyway, share ko lang, ILYSB by LANY is playing!!! Oh, my heart. EW.

Looking back on my previous posts, I feel sad for myself. I was so desperate of mutual affection it made my last year with the best people — sad. I wasn’t aware that I was slowly letting myself embrace the thought of being a pessimist though it wasn’t really obvious for others to see. And here I am! Confessing to the web world of my major problem last year.

I was blessed enough to have real friends who truly cares about what I was going through and I with theirs. It may have been a rough ride for me because God knows how much I cried and pleaded to be okay. But I am not special. My situation was actually shallow. It’s not a big of a deal but I made it one. To the point that it affected my performance in school and to what I expect on others.

Love is truly such a crazy thing. Why? Well, it makes us delusional and it’s also responsible for our childish choices. And me being in love last year…I could’ve been consulted to visit a love doctor because I was HELLA crazy. Funny, really. But it was such a great phase. And although love is such a complex word, I am drowning in it. Now, I am full of love — but not in a romantic way, it’ll come. I just have to wait and see.

Friendship on the other hand…well I’m a little nervous of what’ll happen to my Brady Bunch. But it’s okay, it’s going to be fun for all of us. Because we’re going in to something wider, more choices, and something more for us. MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Lastly, I want to thank you! You have been amazing. Though we remained vague (or are we still? LOL), I am forever keeping you as my best boy friend. And I kept a note on my planner of what you said. Though I won’t hold on to it because I am fucking stoked of the people I’ll encounter!

To my Brady Bunch, I love you!

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