Playing it Safe

I’ve had a lot of downfalls in my life and I’m not afraid to tell you that for once, I experienced to be up there. Shining bright looking down at everyone around me. The attention of others oozing at me. The feisty glares from all those who despise me. But does the attention really matter? Would you risk to move so carefully being cautious that you might hit the dominoes lined up in front of you and ruin everything?

The freedom to be with who you want to be with felt divine. It was like a release from the chains keeping me bound to the better things beneath there — yes, down there. From what I saw at the top. There wasn’t anything much to risk but pride. It’s what kept me there, scared of what could happen next.

Why are we so afraid of holding the end of the knife? Yes, you’ll bleed but time will heal it. It’ll cover up the scar/s you made — and it may remain there but it’ll remind you of the lesson you’ve learned from it. A risk can depict to a thousand things. What’s holding you back?

What’s holding you back? What is it?

Yours truly,


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