Inspiration strikes me during inconvenient times. Dancing — When I’m in the library, a groovy song comes on and all I want to do is throw my pen aside and break out the moves!

Writing — When I’m laying down about to nap or sleep, words and feelings start materializing in my head. I make up sentences and sentences but I don’t write them down.

Taking pictures — I’m out and about and see a fantastic perspective which I can capture with a camera — however two things stop me. One, I am very shy when it comes to whipping out my iPhone and snapping away when there are people around me. I don’t want people to notice and think “Oh, there goes another Instagram junkie.” Two, I tell myself, because you don’t have a DSRL, etc. you can’t capture the essence of how this moment makes you feel.


Yesterday I wanted to blog about something that my heart swell up with peace… but now I can’t think of it because I fell into a deep sleep.

So therefore, next time when inspiration kicks me like my sister kicking me off the bed at night, I will write and PREVAIL!!!

Your ever hopeful writer,


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