No Sleep.

I woke up from nightmares.

These nightmares consisted of distrust, unworthiness and a false sense of ‘reality’, all of which started to leak out of my nightmares and into my bedside.

However, to realize that these traits of negative energy would try to overcome my own, I fought it with my own sense of divinity.

I knew, if I were to let it all consume me, it would put me into the shackles that I was so familiar with. But familiarity isn’t as close to peace as you and I would think it was. I wanted to find my way outs and visualize something far greater than this.

Sometimes, finding myself in a position like this and writing about it, can allow me to find ease and the peace that I do need within my own. Vulnerability is shown but it’s never neglected. Never should be.

Although I woke up with pain from within, I found a way to channel it all into power. Power within the mind, power within my heart, and power within my words; all of which I found ease and peace in.

I believe, each and every one of us are fighting these nightmares that allows themselves to leak out of our own imagination, and find homage into our realities. The only thing we can do is to confront ourselves, our traits, our abilities, our way of living, and to visualize something that will enable growth.

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