The thing about this thing called love — it’s a set motivation within me. I can’t shake or fake it for anyone. Its smooth like almond butter, and crispy when you get to the nuts. And I mean, I can get nuts when it comes to love, you know?


I’m almost certain that growing up with Bollywood movies have pushed me off the edge of humanity and set me with the love deities. I’m dead serious about this because if anyone can understand, growing up with Bollywood is a total sap. I’m a sap. I love love. I knew the edges to love and every complex, situated dilemma that came with it, too.

But the thing about love is that, it shouldn’t keep you. It doesn’t belong to anyone, nor does anyone belong to love. It’s not a possession. It’s not to have and to hold. It’s a way of being — to love, to be, but not belong.