space to be — to lead. Ready to unfold, even if it gets lonesome. Who would’ve thought that time would tell you what’s due, and what can stay with you through the vision?”

I’m at a point in my life where my space is the most important place within all spaces. I am able to release, to give myself the ‘calm before the storms’, to unwind and be my truest self within that. Why would I ever give it up? I realized that the tension, being in places that do not serve me, should not be granted my presence. However, that won’t stop me; even when I feel uneasy at times, it allows me to understand spaces other than my own.

Where self-love is founded and kindled, there’s a certain type of feeling I get when I’m able to depend solely on the foundation that I’m building upon. It’s a foundation that can not be broken, physically or mentally. It’s a space that conjures all types of rhythms and rhymes — a space where I feel victorious, even when no one is looking.

Majority of us want to find someone, just like ourselves, to enjoy the goodness of life around us. And at times, we purge on the presence. We neglect the fear of loneliness. Sometimes, it takes the force of being alone to truly accept your space. We get lonely on a daily basis, we flood ourselves with content and people, to distract us from overcoming the fear of being alone.

Once we’re able to overcome that fear, we’re able to understand our true presence in life. We’re able to respect our space and other spaces as well. We’re able to find home in a space that can move anywhere we go.

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