Inspired by Struth, Thomas, who is a German photographer who is best known for 1970s black and white photographs of the streets New York. I used techniques I learnt last week to shoot two pieces of photos. The first photo was shot outside of UTS library, and the other one was shot in CBD. The main technique I used is A series of seemingly banal and quotidian spaces, to highlight perspective of buildings on both sides of street from the near to the distance. Both images are taken from a similar position on the road which creates a consistent point of view and vectors within each photo. These are banal, as similar views are seen all over the city and hence are nothing out of the ordinary.

Tomas photos

My photos

1.York Street

Tomas 2.Street


Struth, Thomas — Uncanny

  • Unbewusste Orte / Unconscious Places, (Bern 1987)
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