Feel trapped and wanna travel? Here is a quick solution

I’m such a loser, and here is why: I keep on scrolling down my pinterest feed in attempt to find an escape from my 9 to 9 thesis-never-ending-lifestyle. Traveling is something I do wholeheartedly, and doing so I tend to socialize around and always find my way. But why do I have to limit myself on the international scope, while I can easily travel to amazing cities nearby after work such as: Amstersam, Groningen and Maastricht.

“Travelling domestically is still travelling B “

Visit the best rooftop bars in Amsterdam, go to the Rijksmuseum, visit the flower market, hit the library in Amsterdam or pretend to be a tourist in my own city and socialise around like I’m solo traveling. Just doing the basic things AS A DUTCH CITIZEN.. I’m not constrained by my friends - they are awesome fyi - I got a will of my own, neither am I constrained by my time, if managed properly. So I wonder; where am I going wrong?

Answer to self: it’s the illusion we keep selling ourselves to think that we’re trapped, limited by time, and generally incapable to do the THINGS that fall outside of our reach so we end up wasting more resources. The grass may be greener on the other side but that is only because it had smart owners who practiced the most realistic solutions of maintaining their garden according to their means. Do the things that you can do with the time that you have. Remember: you can always go to your neighbouring countries. Hit up Dusseldorf sometime, it’s not everyday Bali..