''Happiness shouldn't come in unpredictable waves, it should be the result of trusting God and how you manage your thoughts by the degree to which you love and respect yourself''

Formula 1: Faith + Thought Management + Self-Love = Happiness

Some people think that their succes/happiness depends on God alone, but wouldnt you think that if it were entirely up to him, we would have all be successful in life since he is true love? No, because faith alone isn't sufficient to manifest your personal desires; Some things in life can only be done by us, not even God can interefer. And one of these things is to fight our inner self (our minds) that keeps on pulling us down, making us feel unworthy, giving us ideas of giving up, making us feel weak, mad, fearful or even lazy etc. It is a huge fight that no one ever sees. It goes on in the deepest place of our being and that is between you and your inner you. Even christians go through it and because of the failed battles they can never truly testify to God's power in their lives. Some blame e.g. the pastor, the church, the goverment, their past, school and even god. But they fail to see that the real blame is on them for not overcoming their own inner battles (thoughts). As the formula mentions, these are the three main acts that are required for you to execute on your end:

  1. Managing your thoughts = (The inner man)
  2. Self-Love = (Your cup)
  3. Faith = (God)

once these three requirements are established from your end, the rest will come on its own. You will soon notice that whatever it is that you must do in addition to these three acts will go as easily as it can be.

1. Managing your thoughts

The battle with the mind is the most toughest battles one can ever go through because it takes more dedication to fix the "mindset" than any other external issue. For example; You can have everything going well in your life and still be miserable; your external reality might be of good standards but your internal being is of poor condition. However, if it was the other way around, a strong internal mindset can never be effected by any external problem because if there is no enemy from within then the enemy outside cannot do you harm. The greatest struggle of a woman is within her. The minute she sets out to do something major in her life, a voice deep within is heard and will continue to be heard until she finally ignores it. voices that say she does not deserve to be happy, voices that say she can never be the woman she wants to be. Voices that say she will never be good enough and the only way to shut this inner voice is to recognise them and discredit them immediately. The key to succes is within you, if you overcome your daily battles with your inner, you succeed in life. If you fail in your daily battles, you fail in life.

'’Managing your thoughts daily through the Practice of meditation.’'

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

2. Self-Love

"My Cup Runneth Over" is a quotation from the Hebrew Bible (Psalm 23:5) and means "I have more than enough for my needs.” Note that, a cup that is runneth over is equal to a happy person. A loving person. A sufficient person. An effective person. An established person. A healer. A leader. A warrior. A gift to the world. Jesus was the perfect example of a cup that runneth over.

To put this scripture in context:

My cup runneth over 23.5 psalm. It is not selfish but it is self-ful to put yourself first; to be as good as possible for yourself; to take care of you; to keep you whole and healthy. Your cup must always be full. "My cup runneth over" (Psalm 23.5). What comes out of the cup is for everyone but what is in the cup is mine. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first because you are entirely up to you. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you don’t care about others. It means you’re smart enough to know you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first. Where self-love begins self-bullying and self condemnation, ENDS. The evil thoughts you allow to destroy you, END. The friends or other peers that you allow to manipulate you, END. All because you chose to prioritise yourself first. However, the truth is that knowlegde alone does not change a thing. People know they have to love themselves in order to live a fulfilled life but they can’t even if they wanted. That is because there is an ongoing inner battle inside of them between truth and lie. How can anyone allow a lie to overcome the truth? As hard as it may seems we all do it. Everytime we believe in the thought that says we are not good enough, we believe in a lie. One can only take care of what they like. If you love yourself, you’ll take good care of yourself. You’ll take good care of your mind, health, body, your looks and even the house you live in. Once you look in the mirror and like what you see, people who look at you will also like what they see because "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he" pv 23.7

Love yourself by investing in yourself. E.g (all of these examples are my own interests, but you can figure out what '’investing in yourself’' means to you)

1. Taking care of your looks, health and your house

2. Working on your passions daily (30/60 minute rule; devote 60 minutes for 30 days on your passion)

3. Blogging/journaling

4. Meditate and pray. (Je dag wordt gekenmerkt aan hoe je het begint - Maria)

5. Encourage yourself daily (affirmations)

These acitivities are top priorities! Before anything else!

So how do you make sure to have a filled cup, in other words aquire happiness? Through these 3 fundamental practices:

1. Taking great care of yourself everyday (self love)

2. Managing your thoughts better daily (meditate)

3. And having great faith that God is in control (prayer)

IN ADDITION, self-love also implies that:

If you want to abundantly love someone, be content and loving with yourself first; If you want to take care of someone, know how to take care of yourself first; if you want to make someone else happy, have an internal happiness first. Why? Because your outer world is a projection of your own mind. The cup symbolises your internal being, your mind (excluding all external forces). You have the power to define your reality by enhancing your inner being and start "being" what you wish to see in your "outer world/or in others." All that you have projected in your mind will bounce into the outer projection of your reality. That being said, you are the creator of your own reality. Change your mind, you change your life.

PSALM 23:5 ‘’my cup overflows with your blessings’'

3. Faith

Give thanks to God before, during and at the end of any hardships. Before the hardship you remain rejoiceful and grateful. During the hardship you recognize him as the source of your strengths, inspirations, remedies and all solutions that you bumped into along your journey. By the end of the hardship you glorify him. You thank him for keeping his promise, you become a witness of his greatness. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is “ being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.’' (Read evernote: Power is made perfect in weakness). Many of us make the mistake of not recognizing his strength and guidance throughout our endeavours. We immediately think that we were the ones who solved it and did it through our own strength while in fact it was the conterary. It was all him! Recognize! Faith means trusting in God and involving him more in your life and work. It is a lifelong process to learn how to do this.

During the time of struggles his presence becomes vague and we immediately assume that he is not there. We become lost in trying to practice on his word when all we see is turbulence. But it is in the times of struggles that we have to take measures into our own hands. If therapy is necessary, or taking care of our body or mind through meditation is necessary, then so BE IT. I see all those answers/solutions of what we must do as another way of God guiding us. We might think that we found the solution/rememdy by ourselves, but in fact it was all him. Again, if the answer was FAITH to everything then nobody would feel the need to execute as faith will resolve everything automatically. Manifesting what you want is a good combination of execution on your end (doing what you need to do to exit the situation where you are in) and a dose of intelligent faith. God will further do his part. But note that without your part (faith + execution) God cannot do his part neither because you haven’t created a gateway for his greatness to occur.The difference between doing this by yourself and doing it with God, is that you are glorifying and acknowlegding that he was the one who helped you. That all your solutions, actions and inspirations were sent from above. Before, during and after your hardship.


Faith alone isn’t sufficient but Execution is as vital. Thus the second formula to make this entire situation succesful is:

Formula 2: Faith + execution = Desired manifestation


Formula 1: Faith + thought management + self love = happiness

1. Taking great care of yourself everyday (self love)

2. Managing your thoughts better daily (meditate)

3. And having great faith that God is in control (prayer)

Followed by formula 2:

Faith + execution = Desired manifestation

It all comes down to:

Faith, effort and your life’s perception. Enhance these and you enhance the world.