“They” aren’t the worst bullies but YOU are!

I had enough of being my own bully and seeing others bully themselves, so when I read the quote above on Facebook it really hit close to home.

My thoughts

I think self condemnation is not the answer. I know we all know that we are humans and we make mistakes, but do we really understand that phrase? We live in an imperfect world with critical, judgmental and tough people who are already condemning us and everything about us what they do not know. To add more insult to injury, on top of all of that pressure we end up doing the same to ourselves? Us beating ourselves is far more worst than if anybody doing it. Therefore we must be more tolerant to ourselves in making mistakes and enjoy that freedom of knowing that it is oke without being ignorant or negligent. Especially if our ignorance has injured someone else. That person may already have given up on us but that doesn’t mean that we have too as well. We ought to know ourselves better right? Then why are we, more often than not, so remorseless? Whomever we have hurted along the way, we must trust that in time we will be forgiven when that person is ready too. Nobody is perfect, the only thing that is perfect is what follows our current living dimension ( my personal believe). So forgive yourself like you would others, love yourself like you would others, respect yourself like you would others because if you don’t nobody will. I feel like we misuse those sentences alot these days of "self love" and "our own acceptance of not being perfect" devaluating the core message. But heck, as long as you know the truth, then the rest doesn’t really matter. Also easy said than done but the truth has never been easy to digest. We live in a world with the majority being negligent (we are imperfect) who aren’t even loving and forgiving to themselves what makes you believe they’ll be that to you too? How others treat you is a reflection of how they treat their self. That phrase is also misused making it harder for us to truly understand it but babes, all those cheesy quotes are true! The way I love myself will be the same way I love you. We don’t treat others how we like to be treated but we treat others the same way we treat ourselves. We judge others the same way we judge ourselves (and the best part is that the same measure we use to measure others will be used upon us). Knowing that, the first thing we must do every morning is reinvest in ourselves. Love ourselves and make sure that our cup is running over. What is in it is ours and what comes out of it is for the world to enjoy; your gift to the world is your best self bloempje (meaning “flower” in Dutch).