Chinese Business Etiquette for Real Estate Brokers

Description: Learning a few things about Chinese business etiquette will go a long way as you prepare for your next meeting with Chinese real estate buyers.

The biggest difference between Chinese real estate buyers and many international real estate brokers is the culture. Learning and practicing Chinese culture will save you embarrassment when doing business with Chinese investors and help you bridge the gap.

Chinese people will appreciate you, and be more likely to purchase properties from you, if you make just a small effort to connect with them. There are many important aspects of business etiquette to consider before an international real estate broker does business with Chinese Buy Us Real Estate.

Respect elders and government officials

Chinese people greatly value their elders and those with higher rankings in their society [1]. If you follow this etiquette technique and show a great deal of respect to any government officials and elders you are doing business with, they are likely to respect you as well.


If a Chinese person is speaking, it is rude to interrupt in order to take over a conversation, and they may be offended [2]. This can place you in an awkward and embarrassing situation. Allow your clients or other parties to finish speaking and let the conversation take a relaxed and steady pace.

Also, after a business meeting, patience should be practiced instead of overwhelming Chinese investors with a list of what to do next. Instead, it would be better to send an email including positive points discussed during the meeting, and reconfirm that you understood everything they had to say [2].


Developing a personal relationship with a Chinese real estate buyer is a key factor in sealing a deal and gaining a return client. Chinese investors are always prepared to bargain as they believe that if a purchase was not bargained for, it was a foolish purchase. International sellers may think they can overcharge a buyer because they lack the knowledge of how much a property is worth.

If a Chinese buyer discovers that you have played them, they will cut the deal off in many cases, hurting any potential properties that they would have purchased from you. If you are an honest, respective and communicative seller, they may be inclined to pay above the property’s worth.

Chinese-language and cultural references

It is important to learn general greetings and manners in Chinese. The Chinese people will appreciate these small gestures as it shows that you do care about connecting with them. Learning some Chinese phrases will also benefit you.

“Face” or Miàn zi (面子) is a common Chinese societal concept, partially relating to reputation and prestige [3]. This is a goal that Chinese investors strive to achieve when purchasing a property, and knowing just a bit about this concept can go a long way with connecting to your buyer.

Chopsticks may seem like a cliché, but international real estate brokers should learn how to use them and where to place them when they are not used [2].





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