Details You Should Know about Remote IT Staffing in India

Outsourcing a process may seem like a daunting task and honestly, it actually is. Yet, it is advisable to opt to outsource because of the very fact that though the activities associated with the process seem to be complicated, the benefits of opting for it are many. A successful outsourcing project must be planned in detail, with a high level of precision. The process begins with shaking hands with the right outsourcing partner. India’s outsourcing markets have emerged to be a leader in the real sense.

Numerous questions arise while deciding on the perfect outsourcing participant — who to partner with? What are the parameters that can help decide a partner’s caliber? Which among the contenders are resourceful? Which among them can assure you the best results? A successful outsourcing story?

If outsourcing to India is on your cards, then you ought to be introduced to some interesting details about the remote IT staffing scenario here, in India. We at, Your Team In India have gathered the top 6 factors that make India an uncompromising choice!

1. The client is the ultimate boss: This is one of the most remarkable factors that sets Indian companies a class apart from its global counterparts. The philosophy here is to create what was conceptualized by the client. A vision along with some strong coding abilities and other expertise combined with the want for perfection — that’s exactly what such companies stand for. So if you are in search of some incredible talents with the ability to produce a solid version of your thoughts, this is where you must head for.

2. The Staffing Process: All recruitment made by Indian companies mostly follow a three stage process and only the best among the masses make it to the designations they deserve. You may opt for the outsourcing company monitoring the recruitment or may outright decide the team members for your project. You get the exercise such comfort levels here. You may monitor the progress made by each member, connect with them if the need arises and what not! In fact, you get to head the team from within your virtual space.

3. Quality Matters: A recent survey conducted by an international IT forum pointed out that by 2020, India is going to be the home of 80 percent of the outsourcing projects. Well, the reasons supporting this statement were many but the most startling one is their belief in the quality service and high standards offered by the Indian outsourcing partners. The companies here in India believe in passing on value to their clients and this is exactly why you will perceive of their zeal to perfect their work — be it the codes or the design, they believe in perfection.

4. Cost Effective: From the setup cost to the recruitment cost, training, salaries, admin expenses and a lot more, you cannot find a more cost effective outsourcing partner in any other country. When you outsource your project to an Indian IT company, what you benefit is a zero setup cost. From infrastructure to staffing cost and compensation, there’s nothing that you have to spend towards. Indian companies handle finances very well and you get the best of their financial management skills. Salaries here are also less as compared to the rest which does not mean employees aren’t paid well. They are compensated well based on their market conditions.

5. No administration woes: You don’t have to have an admin team to manage the project and its overall functioning. From the operational level to the human resource management requirements, every single aspect of the business will be handled by the core team of the company itself, sparing you from the brags on day-to-day functioning so that you may focus on work that needs your attention.

6. Exceptional expertise: This is no hidden fact that Indian IT professionals make an incredible team. Apart from the certificates that prove their educational validity, their expertise and skills along with their problem-solving skills separate them from the rest. They have a sense of passion towards work and know how to handle the most delicate situations with tact.
Now that the facts about IT sourcing lay decoded in print, it’s time you set out on an evaluation process. With so many factors that compel, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each option in a detailed manner, let’s call it a technical autopsy to ace the plan. Now that you know what it is that makes Indian IT staffing different from the rest, the decision is all yours!

Are you partially convinced that India is your penultimate outsourcing destination? Don’t think twice! You’re absolutely on the right track and who better than us to help you accomplish this project! Drop us a line at to connect with our experts here. They indeed make the dream team you were in search of.