How Remote Workers Help Companies to Save Costs?

The inexorable growth of technology in the recent past has paved new avenues of work opportunities and, remote working is definitely the most sort after work option amidst them. According to Global Telework Survey, 66% of employers view remote workers as a positive impact on their organization. In the highly competitive global economy, incorporating remote workers in your workforce can significantly contribute to the success of your organization not only in India but, around the globe too.

Moreover, with high-end, seamless and user-friendly technology solutions like emails, real-time chats and video conferencing, remote working has become quite easy, instant and convenient for both the employers and employees.

Still wondering why Indian remote workers have become so popular in India as well as globally? Let’s give you some statistical insight in this context. According to data given from SurePayroll, a whopping 86% of employees believe that remote working is a dominating factor in acquiring maximum productivity. Isn’t that huge? Also, two-thirds of employers vouch for the fact that remote workers escalate the employee’s productivity to a new level. Moreover, apart from enhancing the overall productivity of the workforce, it also considerably helps companies in saving a lot of costs. Inhibitive how remote workers can help you in reducing costs? Don’t worry. We have your back. Here is a list of how remote workers can work wonders in cutting your company’s overall costs.

Enhanced productivity is imperative for revenue generation: Remote working works as a dominating factor in increasing the productivity of an employee. According to a study, remote workers face 25% less stress than their office counterparts resulting in instant gratification and enhanced productivity with more and longer hours of work. In fact, remote workers contribute a total of 43% more business volume than their office counterparts. This is a huge figure, isn’t it? Moreover, productivity is directly proportional to revenues. The higher the productivity, the greater would be the revenue.

Considerably high revenue by a limited workforce goes a long way in generating ample return on investments. Furthermore, remote workers are spared from workplace distractions such as unnecessary conversations and unscheduled meetings etc. The statistics say that businesses lose a whopping $600 billion to workplace distractions every year. Just imagine the significant amount of cost you’ll save by employing remote workers.

Considerable savings in real estate expenditure: Allowing your employees to work as remote workers can save you a lot of real estate expenditure. It can help you manage and cut short your overhead cost to a great level. If we go by the statistics, the average real estate savings with remote workers is $10,000 per employee per annum. You wouldn’t want to miss on such huge cost savings, would you? In addition, it also works significantly in reducing office space costs along with less use of energy and reduced carbon footprints. Guess what? You’re not only saving costs through your remote workforce but, also contributing to a greener environment. Isn’t it amazing?

Lower employee turnover rate: According to a research conducted by Matrix Resources, 72 percent of employers say remote working plays a crucial role in the high retention rate of employees. The ease of telecommuting, less stress, and more satisfaction contributes to lower employee turnover rate. Hence, businesses should definitely include options of remote working if they don’t want to shed unnecessary cost on employee replacement.

Did you know replacing an employee with a yearly salary of $50,000 can cost your business 20 percent of the salary? And, not to forget the jobs requiring high levels of skills, training, and education. It can have even greater turnover costs. Therefore, remote working can be a great way of retaining your top talent and making the most out of their impeccable skills.

Provides top-notch talent at a reasonable price: Remote working gives you the chance of exploring a great pool of global talent. With employees having the ease of telecommuting and working in the comforts of their home, geographical restriction becomes a thing of yesterday. No matter if your business is located in India, London, UK or at any place; you can explore and acquire world-class remote workers with just a click.

Furthermore, it doesn’t only give you access to the high-quality workforce but, also saves you from burning a hole in your pocket. Remote working allows you to hire high-end employees with unmatched skills and expertise within your budget. In fact, there is a huge pool of talent willing to work for a fraction of the cost. What else would you want?

Less absenteeism saves an organization from ample loss: It is seen that chances of unscheduled absences of remote workers are 63% less than that of their office counterparts. Also, the fact that unscheduled absences cost $1,800 per employee per annum is enough to understand the significance of remote working. In fact, the flexibility of working hours gives remote workers the privilege of seamlessly managing their work and personal life. And, with that perfect balanced life, not only would they be happy and satisfied but, also work proactively without willing to lose out on any work because of personal errands.

So, you see how remote working can serve as an imperative tool in accelerating the productivity of your workforce and contribute significantly to ample cost savings and higher returns on investments. It’s high time you get a hold of it.

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