React Native Technology and finding its Best Talent

Facebook introduced React to the world and since then, the world is a testimonial to its success. It has proved to work well both inside and outside Facebook. React in some form or the other is being broadly adopted by all and with the increasing number of engineers choosing to use the tech, its ability to help users time focus on their products and less time in managing the framework. React has proved itself in the field of IT outsourcing.

So what is it that makes React powerful?

1. React helps segregate: It persuades the users to break the application into discrete components and each of these components represents a single view. These components make it easier to iterate on products. This raises the abstraction out of the picture and simplifies the programming model. When building with React, one needs to understand that the code becomes a lot more predictable and applications are a lot more reliable due to this feature. Also scaling applications on the basis of the team’s size also becomes an easier process.

2. Quality products: With React, building awesome and high-performance technical products becomes an easy process. Additionally, many users have managed to create frameworks that make it easier to operate in. It simplifies data at a larger scale. Raid iteration has help React users achieve this result.

3. The app story: Web is just a part of the story. React has been widely used to build apps mainly on multiple platforms, disjointed and bifurcated by engineers. This is one feature that makes native mobile application development hard.

4. Easier than Native: React scores way beyond native. There are many reasons to this. It is harder to lay things out on screen and manually computing the size gets difficult. The native mobile environment is indeed difficult to operate in and building with React makes the process less industrial. It wastes a lot of the productive time of engineers working on the model and here’s where React does the needful.

Does that mean Native is unnecessary?

Definitely not! It’s all about striking the best of both worlds.

Users must experience the native mobile platform combined with the developer experience that is often missed out on native mobile platforms. The user must experience what happens while building with React on the web.

From IT outsourcing point of view, React components are in easy terms ‘side-effect free’ and we, at any point of time are capable to read from the underlying rendered view in order to write the implementation. React doesn’t block with respect with DOM but the entire thing points to the fact that it is abstract and not tightly coupled to the DOM. It can include any imperative view system like UIKit on iOS. This means we can make it so the exact same React that’s on GitHub can power native mobile applications. The best part about this approach is that we can adopt it incrementally, building new products on or converting old products to use it whenever and wherever it makes sense.

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