(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

The article makes a crucial point -that we have to be for the things we want. This should take almost all of our time, yet looking at facebook, it’s obvious we spend all our time talking about the other guy. Like Hillary did. I’d add that our communications skills are sorely lacking. We’d do well to study the science around how people think and communicate.

However Umair Haque makes a “Bad Words” stumble of his own: “Like, for example, everything that Dems don’t ever propose: real universal healthcare, public media, public higher education, debt relief, real safety nets, and so on. A social contract — whole and full and true.”

Umair Haque makes a tragic mistake that too many others do nowadays; they paint Democrats as monolithic. Unbeknownst to him and apparently many others, there is and has been a strong progressive movement in the Democratic Party -progressive candidates and the volunteers who have supported them- for many decades. These candidates and these everyday activists advocate for all those those things all the time. In fact, the numbers of progressives in the party were finally enough to get a real progressive pretty far along; in my state Bernie delegates actually outnumbered Hillary delegates.

Those of us who’ve been party progressives for decades are saddened that the many who complain about “the Dems” haven’t bothered to find out enough to even know how close we are to running things or to join us to make the change. If you are a Dem basher, instead of complaining from the outside, do your homework, find out what’s really going on in your state party and become delegates to your state conventions, volunteer to get a candidate elected, take on a leadership position and help us finish the job by BEING the party instead of bitching about it. That’s the only way constitutions, superdelegates and crappy DNC chairs like DWS and any other stuff you don’t like ever gets changed and it’s the ONLY hope for turning extremist Republicans and The Republican President out of power. Or you can continue to tear down something that’s more complex than you give it credit for, thereby convincing voters to hand Republicans the victory they need to screw us all for many more decades.