The reflection that drove to death

I had a friend Margarita. But we all called her Rita. In general, a very sad and rather strange story happened to her, which she told me. Now I will tell it to you.

In general, it all started with how Margarita got into an accident. She was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery. Everything went well and Rita was discharged. And when she went home, all the people looked at her strangely. At home, as Rita told me, she kept looking in the mirror and checking what people were looking at in her, and she didn’t find anything surprising in herself. This was always the case with Margot. Even when we were walking with her; I noticed that everyone was looking at my friend with a strange, frightened look. Then I realized that people were looking at her face. It changed after the operation, but still — why did they, strangers, look like that?

Once, Rita, looking in the mirror, noticed that she had different eyes. Well, not her eyes. Strangers. She even took a picture and showed it to me. Rita always had big brown eyes, and in the mirror they were green and narrow. A week later, Margarita noticed that she had a completely different face in the mirror. Other eyes, nose, lips… And it was in all the reflections. Rita became afraid of her reflections and developed a phobia. Not only did she have strange looks from strangers — her reflection was strange!

Then I realized why people looked at her like that: everyone saw something strange in her face. And everyone saw it differently. I saw strange eyes in her face, and, for example, my mother began to see strange eyebrows in her face.

Once Margarita got tired of all this and she asked her mother to throw out all the mirrors in their apartment, but her mother did not agree and Rita asked to throw out at least a mirror in her room. She couldn’t see her own reflections anymore. But one night (her younger brother John told me this) Margot got up and went to the toilet, and John followed her. My friend walked past the mirror and John stopped her — he saw something in the mirror.

When Rita looked in the mirror, she was very scared: she had those narrow green eyes, and her mouth was open and blood was flowing from it. The reflection was somehow pale. Rita started to shake herself off, to shake it off her face, but in all the mirrors her reflection was like this. And this reflection in the mirrors was only at night, and during the day someone else’s face.

Margarita became strange: she had a fear of the dark, mirrors and people. And then Rita committed suicide: she jumped in front of a train. Then everyone was upset, from her family and me to our most unsociable classmate Egor, who, by the way, hated Margarita.

And now I often think about it; I think… And I guess it’s all because of her reflection. Recently I searched the Internet and didn’t find anyone with such a face, except her grandmother. Her grandmother was engaged in black magic, harmless to her friends and offensive to her enemies. Andshe decided to pass it on to Rita. It’s a pity I didn’t explain it to her when she was alive…

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Julia Njord

Hello, my friend! My name is Julia Njord and I am a writer. I write real mystical stories from my life and my friends.