The White House Screening Room presents: Logan

This weekend I saw the movie Logan, I did see that one. It’s a bad film. You know, some people, some critics and people go around and they’re calling it visceral and heartbreaking and generally, you want to know the truth, I think it’s a bad film. But I won’t say that, you know, I won’t go around saying that because of some controversy, so I refuse to say generally it’s a bad film. You know, everything you say these days, you don’t know, are you offending someone, you can’t say this, you don’t use this word. Some of these guys making comic books films are fine people, but they are bad.

You look at Logan, they call him Logan but we know he’s Wolverine. This guy, he’s terrible, by the way, he’s the worst role model for our kids, he’s not a family man. He’s drinking, giving out drugs, he’s ripping people apart with his aluminum. He’s a bad dude! Logan is a criminal, no other way to put it. We have to be honest, you look and he’s bringing unimaginable violence, he’s breaking the law and he’s been on the run since the last failing X-men movie and it shows, you can see he’s not in good shape. And you watch, and you see he’s making tremendous damage wherever he goes. We shouldn’t be surprised he’s hiding in Mexico. You know what I noticed? I saw it, you saw it, we all noticed this: Logan got over the border with no trouble, more than once. That part was no fantasy, folks! Where is all this hatred coming, where are these mutant kids coming from? You know it. You know where. They’re running around stealing Pringles and ruining casinos. This all happens in 2029 and this is the America we’re gonna have if we don’t do something about it. You will not be safe from bad dudes like this! They got one thing right, and you know, I’ve had hundreds of people calling me, saying thank you for doing something about this. I hear it so often and it means a lot to me, I hear it every day people say they are praying for me. This is a tremendous problem. The media makes a knowing choice that they hope we don’t see. I see it, we all see it. Dishonest!

There’s a lot of talking about a company, about Transigen, where they see the real problem. They look at this situation and they’re thinking, what is the root of the problem here, and I want to know what the cause of the problem is, I want to know what to do about this tremendous problem, and thousands of my supporters have said, Thank you, Donald, because there is a problem and we need to address it. This is how you make America great! We have companies working with us and I can tell you they’re great companies. These are the companies you want to have. America has some of the best companies.

Logan’s supposed to be the hero. Something’s going on with Logan. We have to be a smarter audience to see what the real problem is here. All it takes is a little push and he’s off the handle, he’s ten times as dangerous and nobody’s doing anything about it. No law and order. Here’s a guy, and he’s a bad dude, and he’s hiding this vicious little girl from the good folks trying to keep the country safe. Mutants are dangerous, they’re unpredictable, they’re taking jobs. And we’re supposed to root for this guy? America’s not falling for that, it’s time we’re going to have to be a little tough, folks. We support our law enforcement, this is where we can be strong against the mutants. We’re making history. Mutants will not be America’s problem. I’ve got a team together and we’re making absolutely great progress. I think our national security is going to go down as one of the great, great national securities. I hear you telling me things are in trouble. I fix things. Remember that. I make tough phone calls, every day I make calls. America gets taken advantage of by everybody. It’s not going to happen any more.

Here is the bottom line, I’ll tell you and save you going to this movie: absent fathers aren’t news. It’s not groundbreaking to look your daddy in the face and beg him to be there for something, anything, a shred of you or even the idea, not just a loan, and feel unravelled as he walks away in spite of Every Thing You Could Have Done or Wanted to Be, Together. That’s not news, folks! No groundbreaking in Hollywood these days. Overrated. I wish them the best, they’re not very nice to me, that’s okay. They’re phonies and I’m happy to have left that world behind, believe me, I will tell you that. You let a child in, and it’ll break you. Citizen Kane, my favorite film, very, very sad but very beautiful, and by the way there is isolation within families and wealth doesn’t fix that. A road trip with Professor X doesn’t fix it, it’s not real. There’s not room in a daddy’s heart. The media twists it however they like, they want me to believe Logan is just a guy like me, but you can’t make that stuff up, folks, you see through it.


Just very, very sad.

One star.



your writer friend in Chicago is doing her best.

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