Black People, Put your #DACA Capes Away
TJ Ricks

Brotha I would give you 10 claps if I could. I know its not politically correct to say but when Trump said he was gonna rescind DACA I didn’t do nothing but Kanye Shrug. Black folks always worrying about everybody problems but their own. We will help everyone else build a house meanwhile our house is dilapidated.Smh. I got love for our latino brother and sistas but thats not our fight. When it comes to jobs and opportunities we are in direct competition with them. Apologist always try to make the arguement they do the jobs that nobody else will do. And my question is always like what? besides working in the fields what jobs do they do that WE Blacks don’t do. I mean one of the best high paying jobs that blacks gould get was construction, but since mexicans dominate that field how can you even compete and make a living when someone is willing to undercut your value. Most construction jobs used to pay 17+ an hour, but now with mexicans, and latinos that same job today is only paying 10–12 or if they going to Lowe’s and Home Depot its even less than that. Im sorry I aint even gonna fake the funk like I care if they start deporting people. At least they know where they homeland is and can go back.

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