A mountain can teach humanity.

Sri Lanka is an island in the Pacific ocean, faced many colonization throughout history. The most accurate religion is Buddhism. Although the country suffered from a big civil war, which just finished lately in 2009 causing many deaths and making people living in insecure atmosphere, of course it was a learning point for each citizen, who realized no gain from war and started to promote peace and love Moreover their attitude (tendency) to smile regardless the tough situation and extreme poverty, was a key element to spread peace in the country.
“Adam’s peak Mountain from above”

The 3 major religions over there: Buddhism, Hindu, Islam and Christianity have a very important world heritage — Adam’s peak which is a mountain surrounded by green tea fields, a mountain of 2300 height. What makes it so magical is what people believe in, Buddhists strongly believe that Buddha left his last footprint on the top of it before he reached Nirvana, while other religions highly believe it´s a footprint of Adam. The story says that when God sent Adam out of heaven, he was sent to this mountain and kept crying for over 1000 years, leaving a footprint of 1 meter length.

“people at all ages, genders and races climb over 5200 stairs to climb a mountain of 2300m height”

Every night many Buddhists do the pilgrimage by climbing the mountain at night ( at 2 am approx.. ) in order to get the Holiness of their God (Buddha) and watch the holly sunrise from the highest mountain in the region. A huge number of people from different backgrounds and ages do it all at once, the interesting fact in this is that they have to do it barefoot which pushed the local government to consider facilitating the access to the peak by making stairs along the whole way, so people at any age would be able to climb it. Doing the pilgrimage is not only for local people, it makes them so grateful to see tourists doing it along with them and feeling the high spirituality and sharing of their culture with foreigners, they even clap for some old travelers who are striking to make it to the top providing how hard it is to go for it.

At the beginning of the path ,there are some monks, whose mission is to wish every person a good luck on the way up and to bless for the rest of the life, as the one is doing a very important pilgrimage, noting down names on a big register mentioning the country of origin, although looking at some pages of this huge books will give one idea of how many people did it before him and how diverse the comers are. It is optional to donate money for their community, anyway they will wrap everyone´s wrist with a white thread in order to bring the best of luck.

The government didn’t make only stairs, it made also small shelters for people who cannot do it all at once, shops and temples all on the way. You can meet people at all ages praying, resting, sleeping and eating on the way up: kids, young and elderly, helping each other to reach the aim, striving together to do it. It is considered as a precious act to climb the mountain and do good to people on the way u., Religion is practiced in different ways, such as lightening candles around the statues or hanging a white thread along the way. As many people hung their white threads on the way up, it gave at the end of the road a very special view, it made it look like a spider’s net.

“ At the summit, no shoes are allowed as it a temple, surrounded by golden fences…”

At the summit, it is necessary to remove the shoes before entering a rounded place surrounded by golden fences, Buddhist flags are hanged all around. People wait in a queue to take a look at the footprint. Unfortunately you cannot see the real footprint, you just see a frame with a red carpet inside and the counter of the footprint is sewed by a golden thread filled with signs. It shows how the footprint is holly especially when you see people giving their sacrifices such as flowers or plants. All sacrifices are gathered along the frame. As a next step it is preferred to go for ringing the big bell to bring you luck.

“Breathtaking view from the top of the mountain”

At this exact point the pilgrimage almost ended, but still it is worth it to watch the beautiful sunrise after overcoming more than 5200 stairs and experience the beauty of nature from above. There are terraces for people to sit and enjoy the view, as the sunrise gets closer and the place gets crowded and crowded. It is very awkward that as many sunrises is being watched in one´s life (but certainly is never seen such a one like this before) this one is different, it is so astonishing while getting slightly brighter, you could barely see the surrounding mountains. People were quite, opening their mouths because of the holiness of the view and of the place. It was simply incredible, the whole atmosphere was just breathtaking.

On the way down, it was noticeable the wide smile on people’s faces, it sounded like they got satisfied of what they went for, obviously while you were going up, people were really wondering what could be so magical on the top of a short mountain, what is the purpose behind killing the leg’s muscles, thinking deeply if it is worth it to keep on going, looking at people around falling down due to its hardness. Nevertheless due to the wind, it is pretty much needed to wear many layers of clothes, since you are doing corps activities. Bodies get sweaty obviously, overcoming those obstacles along with getting dizzy and hungry since it takes a long time to reach the top of it.

At that time you start answering all those questions by yourself, you start realizing the gift of this long journey, you think about how all those religions are agreeing and sharing one place with different beliefs, allowing them to live in harmony, giving a lesson to all humanity that peace can exist with just a little push from your side, All the spirituality, believing in abstraction and believing in its power will absolutely make you consider changing a lot of things in you in order to be self-aware. How courageous are you? How much dare you to change ? How much can people learn from this ? How possible it is to take this example to the next level ? How much possible is to all human to live in harmony, peace and love ?