You’re a part of the process … Or why are you the universe ?

How do you get rid of laziness within your soul, and motivate yourself to live, to act, to do ? Be honest. Maybe you think of simple things to do before … you die. Or before a certain deadline, your fourties maybe. You just block yourself in a prison of time. Time is stress, it controls the flow of your blood, of your thoughts. But what if i tell you that time is only a human conception ? In a macro level, there is no time. There is no deadlines and we’re living in an infinit now.
This may seems poetical to you, even impossible. Because you’re living, you remember your childhood, yesterday’s meetings. There is a today, then a tomorrow, how could we live without time ? It’s just absurd.

Imagine you have an aquarium on the table. And you’re the fish swimming there, free. You will not accept the truth that there is a contradictory state outside the water … Air, which contains the water. How could it be possible for you to swim, walk or even fly outside of it ? Your mind is shaped to block the outside “ Normal ” from you, it’s your mission to reshape it. But it’s not about time. Time is simply the background voice of your existence. You feel it, without seeing it. But, let me tell you the second point you ignore, that if there is no time, there is no energy, and thus no life. Everything’s alive has an energy withing it, low or high, but it must exist. You were born because you had the highest energy to reach the ovule. You need food to reproduce energy so you can survive, heat, kinetic, and all necessary ones to preserve your existence. And when you die, you just … become energy again, and earth ( universe ) take it to reproduce it somewhere else.

What i’m telling you is that, this couple Time-Energy is simply the process of equilibrium. The universe is trying to reach the summum of equilibrium. Every living thing is in a confluctual position with another opposite side, else we’ll have an unbalanced state where things fall down. Even falling down is a reaching for the equilibrium. Where all the forces are equal. Like a chess game where both players are left with only the kings. Nothing’s happening.

Keep in mind that you are a part of the global universal equilibrium. You are not a simple useless needle thrown in an absurd existence, because of a sexual relationship, to wake up oneday and find yourself in the universe, just there, a purposeless visitor. NO. You are the son of the universe, you are a brick that was necessary to make things stay up, stay built. Even the sexual relationship that resulted in you was an attempt to reach the equilibrium. The use of time and energy made you be, the more energy you have, the more stability you’ll be reaching by opposing to conflictual things, i’m talking to YOU as a brick of the universe; and thus the necessary part is always considered as a whole. Don’t waste up your time-energy you feel within your blood, passing through your heart and the flow of your thoughts. The equilibrium will be reached with or without you, it’s just a matter of belonging, of definition. Are you the necessary part or the conflictual side ? You are the universe as Alan Watts says.

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