Domain Name Adventures

The website is now up! Check it out here at! It’s not quite the most mobile responsive design yet, but it’s not quite at a point where it would be generating much mobile traffic anyway.

It’s not much of a site, but I think the story of how I got it up is pretty interesting. I’ve dabbled with Amazon Web Services before for some of my other projects, but this was the first client-facing UI application that I’ve ever attempted, and boy was it some journey. What I thought would be a simple deployment ended up causing a minor annoyance through which I had the opportunity to learn something new.

The deployment was easy enough. After realizing that there was some weird error that would crash the page, the was a direct solution I found online. Where things got weird was when I tried connecting my application to a domain name. I’ve owned the domain for a while now through Google, but Google had registered it through There were issues when I realized that I had to transfer the domain from godaddy’s name servers to the Amazon (where my site is deployed) name servers, which took me a while to figure out how to do. Afterwards, I thought all was well until I realized, a week later, that I was no longer getting mail for my email address!

Turns out that because I registered the Amazon name servers, all my email was going to the Amazon host, although my email was serviced by Google/Gmail for work. I learned that I needed to route my email requests from Amazon back to Google’s email servers for it to work again, and right now everything seems fine. Until that is, I realize something else went awry a month from now.

Thanks to the services Amazon provides, it was easy to fix the issues once I found them. It was finding out what was wrong that was the hard part. Anyway, I feel like I’m a seasoned expert now on domain names and hosting, so if you need a web services guru at any time, I’m your guy!

Till next time,

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