Post Holiday Blues

Edelshire LLC is a new mobile phone game studio dedicated to telling stories in hopefully endearing ways.

It is the start of a new year! As 2016 rolls in, I have to admit the business side of things has been quite inert during the holiday season. But now that the parties and champagne and the excitement of receiving new gifts is behind us, only productivity lies ahead (I am only half joking)!

This post shall be relatively short. I am pleased to announce a new version (v1.2) of Poultry Dash! with a few small changes to enhance gameplay and hopefully, make people less frustrated by slightly lowering the difficulty. The version is pending review by the App Store now and hopefully will be up by week’s end. Edelshire is still in the “soft launch” phase and I am still figuring out how to effectively utilize all the free marketing tools out there to get the word out. Plus, the drawing board is now back out for the next title release!

Here’s the catch: I am open to ideas. The only requirements/standards I have for the new title is that it must be a somewhat unique and endearing idea, relatively violence free, and must be related to the farm/agriculture life (like how Poultry Dash! is relevant to chickens). If there is a winner, there will be cash reimbursement and a name credited in the game itself!

Happy new year everyone! May your mildest dreams come true :)

Poultry Dash! by edelshire (Google Play)
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