Natural Remedies for Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatment

As an absolutely necessary part of the reproductive system of women, the importance of fallopian tube is self-evident. The main physiological functions of fallopian tube include the transportation and storage of sperm, egg and fertilized egg, providing the energy needed by sperm in the capacitation reaction, providing the place for the combination of sperm and egg. With so many important roles acting by fallopian tube, the healthy condition of it directly affects the reproductive ability and the rate of pregnancy of women. Fallopian tube infection treatment should be proper and timely as well.

Each woman has a pair of fallopian tubes. Fallopian tube is slender and curved. Fallopian tube locates at the top of the broad ligament of the uterus. The inner side of fallopian tube is linked with the corner of the uterus while the outer end of fallopian tube is dissociative and close to ovary. The total length of fallopian tube is 8 to 15 cm. Since fallopian tube is slender and curved, the adhesion and blockage of fallopian tube are very common. In fact, the morbidity of fallopian tube blockage is the top one among the list of fallopian tube diseases. While fallopian tube diseases is the top one among the causes of female infertility. The prevention and treatment of fallopian tube blockage play an important part in the prevention of female infertility.

The treatment methods for fallopian tube blockage are various. But the efficacy and safety of these treatment methods vary from one to another. Since fallopian tube is delicate comparing with other organs, the choice of treatment method should be taken carefully.

Most of the western medicine treatment methods are direct and violent in some degree. Although some of western medicine treatment methods can be effective, which we should admire, the side effects and damage brought by these treatment methods to fallopian tube itself and the tissue nearby cannot be ignored.

Comparing with western medicine treatment, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for fallopian tube blockage are obvious. With the reasonable use of natural herbs of various kinds, traditional Chinese treatment will bring no extra physical and physiological damage to the body and the organs. Because the application of these herbs are decided after appropriate compatibility and consideration, and the prescription is adjusted and perfected by the traditional Chinese doctors with the accumulation of clinic experience, both the efficacy and the safety of the prescription can be guaranteed. Fuyan Pill is a good example. Since Fuyan Pill has been applied in the treatment various kinds of gynecological diseases including fallopian tube blockage, the efficacy and safety are witnessed by the patients. Hope Fuyan Pill can bring more health and happiness to women.