Youthia FAQ, Part 2 — The Youthia Token Sale

And we’re back with more answers to basic questions and here is Part 2. If we haven’t already covered your question, please feel free to submit your questions for us to answer in subsequent FAQs segments. Here goes:

  1. Is the YTH token tradable after the Main Sale?

Yes. Immediately after the PublicSale, token holders can trade the YTH token via Bancor ( as Youthia has integrated with the Bancor Protocol to provide immediate and continuous token liquidity. No matter the trade volume or exchange listings, you can trade your YTH tokens.

2. Will the YTH token be listed on exchanges?

Yes. Youthia is currently in talks with small, medium to big cryptocurrency exchanges to list the YTH token in several geographies such as Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, amongst others. We will make announcements when official listings have been finalized.

3. Do you have a cap for the funds you want to collect?

Our soft cap is U$2 million and our hard cap is U$4 million.

4. What will happen if you raise more money than you need?

If we reach our hard cap, we will return the excess funds.

5. How much will I earn in all this time?

YTH tokens are not designed to offer earnings. It is a utility token providing its token holders with unique access and benefits in the Youthia network.

6. Can I take my tokens out of your service?

Your tokens are distributed and stored in any Ethereum, such as MyEtherWallet, and in any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

7. I would like to contribute a significant amount of money. Will I have any privileges, voting rights, etc.?

Having a significant YTH token holdings will provide you with incredible benefits. Please read the Youthia Whitepaper found at:

8. How can I be sure I am sending funds to the right wallet address of Youthia?

Be careful that the Token Sale wallet address as stated on the Token Sale website may be fake. This is because some hackers may hack the website and replace their own wallet address with the real Token Sale address. Always double check in our online communities before making the final purchase.

9. What will happen to my contribution if tokens are outlawed or tightly regulated?

Tokens are based on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized system in which token issues and cryptocurrency are not regulated by any one country. In terms of cryptocurrency markets, all countries are currently taking a liberalization approach. As of today the use of cryptocurrencies (including tokens) is not outlawed in any country.

In a very unlikely scenario that your country of residence outlaws tokens, you can sell them well in advance of the ban.

10. How is the security of YTH token holders ensured?

We take our token holders’ security very seriously, which is why their accounts are protected on many levels.

Payment Security

We use the most secure payment processing methods. Payments in cryptocurrencies are secured by the blockchain technology. Payments in fiat currency are accepted only via a wire transfer, where international banking system ensures their security.

Deposit Security

All funds received during the Youthia Token Sale in fiat currencies are converted to BTC and deposited in escrow. Funds received in cryptocurrencies are converted to BTC and also deposited in escrow. Funds in escrow are safely kept in cold wallets in bank safe deposit boxes.

Smart Contract Security

Our smart contract was designed and developed by the team of the internationally acclaimed cryptographer Dmitry Khovratovich, who is a security expert at the University of Luxembourg and the founder of ABDK — an agency specializing in the development and promotion of Ethereum-based initial coin offerings.

11. Who distributes YTH tokens and how soon will I get them after the end of the token launch?

Tokens are distributed by the ICOBox platform. You will receive your tokens within two weeks after the Public Sale.

12. What are the chances that after the Token Sale, your tokens will fall in price?

As Youthia is a new revolutionary project, the price of the YTH token may fluctuate as demand and supply grows, and as the Youthia Protocol and Network is developed. A little volatility is expected.

13. Your website says nothing about the escrow and consultants. How can I trust you?

Our entire Token Sale is run by the ICOBOX ( Book Building platform. This platform is of world-class standard.

14. What are the main factors that can positively or negatively affect the value of the token in the future?

The constant increase and sustained demand due to the mutual interest from users on the network. The value of the token will also be based on the strategic business development decisions and partnerships made by the Youthia Company to add value to the Youthia network. We can’t wait to share the exciting partnerships we’re working to add immense value to what we’re building. Stay tuned!

15. I have never heard about your company. Who are you?

Youthia Inc. is a start-up company that was first conceptualized at Microsoft in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2014.

16. How many people are in your team?

9 people and counting. We are busy expanding our team with global talent and experts.

17. Do you have analogues or competitors?

Every business has competition even if its novel, which is the alternatives that the market offers.

18. How long your project been on the market?

Youthia was initially conceived while the Founder, Mandy Shemuvalula, was doing an internship at the World Headquarters of Coca-Cola (Atlanta, Georgia) in August — September 2014. Youthia was then researched, developed and tested in Nairobi, Kenya since October 2014 during another internship at Microsoft. It officially had its Media Launch on 27 September 2017.

19. What will happen if your project will close?

Youthia will NEVER close. We will just pivot. We have been doing that since 2015 and have evolved according to the needs of the market.

20. How many YTH tokens will be available in the Token Sale and how many created in total?

A fixed supply of 170 million tokens have been created via the Ethereum blockchain. 92,850,000 YTH will be sold in the Token Sale which includes bonus and bounty tokens.

21. What will happen to unsold YTH tokens?

They will be put back in reserve.

22. What will the Token Sale funds be used for?

50% on engineering and development, strategic recruitments and human resources for protocol development.

30% on marketing and business development for network building.

20% on operations such as overheads, office space, legal costs, obtaining required licenses, listing on exchanges, security measures and other unexpected expenses

….to be continued. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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