Tearin’ Up My Heart, Chapter 3

One day, one mouth, one year, as time goes by so fast, I suddenly feel my heart is full of loneliness in this big city, the more time, the more loneliness. Everyday, walking down the street, unacquainted faces and eyes, nobody knows me, and the atmosphere agglomerate together-cold.

cheepin’ thru the streets at night after a fuss and fight ,tears in my eyes I’m a man lookin’ for the light ,dark is the path I know he will rescue me ,the lord is my shephard i’m cool despite emergency ,whom shall I fear expect the god ,thank you for the blessin’ and the skills on the mic.

Finding the boyfriend makes me be involved in the embarrassment, I’ve never thought it so hard, just beyond my imagination, right now I fall into disorder, just so few believable guys in this gay group, and I never believed in the pure friendship in the groups of the gay, maybe I am wrong, and these years I see it exist. So I pray for finding my friendship, a brother loving me without sex.

ONS is just one common thing, just two months ago, I made a mistake, thought he loves me, so I did it. But later I know it, so I think the friendship must be built without sex. Hope I will not lose a good buddy, a good brother.

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