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hello to you early-adopted youtual user or web-enthusiast. something happening here on these days. some of them:

  • only using websockets protocol for communication (testing!).
  • user notifications moved into chat panel again. It was a bad experience for users when they were in front of the video. No more italic notifications, also.
  • users can mention the others in the room. just type “@” before mention someone.
  • video suggestions panel shown when video ended. video suggestions related with the current video are shown in this panel.
  • some design changes (room setting menu, change video panel and buttons).

good bye..

stay connected :

hi! as I said before, development never ends.. some changes have been made on both back & front -end. some of them below.

  • some implamentations to prevent caching of youtual via browsers. cached-items were producing a resistence to use new versions and updates on some browsers.
  • a new alert-style interaction notifications implemented. new user notifications are shown on video screen now.
  • a bug giving false-positive notification when video change had been fixed.
  • a security validation implemented to source code.
  • no room is shown anymore if there is no any public rooms (that was a bug). it kindly says, please try to create a room because there is no any public room available to join..

these are some changes I have been made on youtual. I am willing to make some VERY MAJOR changes ASAP!

take care yourselves..

youtual dev.


some changes have been made on the source however these changes will not effect users mostly but have an importance to open new ways for youtual’s UX in the future (plans..).

with the new version:

user limit of the rooms increased to 16 (is was only 6 before!).

users who changes the current video (or room) status will see notifications of their actions now.

mobile users won’t see tooltips anymore (it was annoying).

all the room ids are now in lowercase (share-friendly!).

authorization functions moved to servers.

& some more performance and security developments..

stay watch.. visit :

youtual dev.

Hello! Today I made some changes for both frontend and backend.

firstly, I’ve started to use my computer as my log book instead of papers because It will be easier to find something when necessary.

also some users were hanging even if they disconnect and that was an important problem for UX. Applied some solutions to solve this problem too.

some other changes made related with administration panel, typos, CDN, video title limitations, hiding the room search by keyword on join section, and fonts.

in addition, youtual now offers some variety of videos when creating a room, try it!

development never ends..

kind regards..

youtual developer

hello all,

I’ve just released the new version of youtual includes some major changes especially on design. I was thinking about a modern design for a long time..

You can see the new design of youtual homepage via .

Some Changes:

  • a complately different landing page.
  • a more responsive design.
  • more rooms are listing on join or create sections.
  • a sound notification (and a related toggle button) added which plays a bell sound if youtual tab is not active and a new chat message received on user’s browser.
  • keywords input for create section deleted for simlicity.
  • additional room settings…

I am very excited about the new design of youtual. I will explain more in a few days but just wanted to share a “sneak peak” beforehand.


I’ve just released a new version of youtual with some minor changes for both frontend and backend. I think its ready to reach more people after some beta-like tests with 200–300 real people.

please write me if you want.

have a nice day..

our new logo

youtual is ready for production and will be online in a few hours..

we’ve just started..


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