the new version

hello all,

I’ve just released the new version of youtual includes some major changes especially on design. I was thinking about a modern design for a long time..

You can see the new design of youtual homepage via .

Some Changes:

  • a complately different landing page.
  • a more responsive design.
  • more rooms are listing on join or create sections.
  • a sound notification (and a related toggle button) added which plays a bell sound if youtual tab is not active and a new chat message received on user’s browser.
  • keywords input for create section deleted for simlicity.
  • additional room settings (hidden &/password protected room properties) are hidden now.
  • smooth scrolling enabled on whole page.
  • tooltip design changed.
  • users now see the most popular videos on create section before searching a new video to create a new room.
  • some major changes for security purposes.
  • some bugs are fixed.

Please write me ( for any suggestion.

Have a nice day..

Youtual Developer