An Amazing Date In A Whatsapp Nutshell

The fact I am doing this, is that I loved how our conversation always goes and how each chapter ends beautifully !

It was a typical day when I am usually kept in my room, laying on my bed with one foot on the adjacent black coffee table, thinking things over to find out which part of my life could have possibly gone wrong. Usually I am just tabbing around my phones screen looking at the same boring stuff. Instagram, Whatsapp, Medium, Work Mailbox, My Personal Spam Mailbox -since nothing much is going on in the primary-.

I totally forgot I had to attend some third world occasion. I had that ill text coming while I was trying to zoom in a mind raping picture that my nephew has already figured out.

"Cumming?" Texted my friend, like he really meant it.

"Where? I am not feeling like it, but anything for a friend !" Said I.

"Dude, every1 is n here. Grab sum stuff with you, every1 had contributed, ur lame, ur empty handed appearances are getting controversial.

Haha haha kidding, actually not. Get ready! Im picking u up."

"-_-" Yup, Satan himself couldn’t come up with such a life wrecking scheme.

I got ready, made sure I won’t smell funny or have green stuff in my teeth. We went to have a good kind of a meal that most common single males can make.

The meal was a bit of lame. Coffee made up for the whole thing, we kept on chatting up to 9, and I felt like dropping a text to someone I recently met.

"9:30 I wish you are having a sweet night" I had felt an immense amount of balance had descended on me.

"9:31 Yussiffff *Kissing Emoji*" Replied the potential bae.

"9:33 I was invited for a meal at my friend’s house. And now we are having some coffee then I will head home

*2X Kissing emojis*"

"9:37 I finished at approximately 6, took a shower, slept for more than an hour, now having some neighbor over, and a friend who offered some sweet" That’s what my bae said.

We chatted for more almost half an hour wishing each other a good time. On the other hand, I had to retreat, I missed my own time of horizontal meditation in my bed. I said:"bye, kill yourselves. I’m out"

"12:23 Coucou" The bae initiated a text.

"12:32 I’d grant my own eyes" Me in reply to the sublime sexiness that a human can be sculptured in.

"12:33 What are u doing?" Asked the bae.

"12:34 I am reading some articles about video compression, and downloading movies.

Thats all while missing you" I was really doing so!

The bae, was doing stuff on computer, talking about having diarrhea, and how the whole day was spent in eating sugar. We started to have that cute kind of talk. I was implying to the time we spent together, that I had sugar for a whole day, and made me happy. I was drowned in a honeywell -pertaining to bae’s embrace-.

Complimented each other. Ah, I feel homesick, baesick. Talked of things that happened. The kisses, the cuddles, the all night long of our bodies not parting one another. I emphathized that this was the best could happen, and bae was agreeing along.

"1:14 I love you, I swear" Said I, as I bet my life on how I really meant it.

"I do even more, too" Replied the bae promptly in a complete oblivion of that this caused me to strike around like a cat in a swimming pool.

"1:15 Will it surprise you if I came along for a kiss?" I was desperate for a "Yes".

"1:15 I would be delighted I would not ask for more"

I jumped off my bed, without going through the sequel of steps getting up. Just like a perfect erection, right up to the highest peak. Jumped in the shower, changed my clothes, made it to where I dropped my location pin for uber upon his arrival.

I was at the door, bae was there, smiled, called me crazy, I noded, we kissed, and kissed, and kissed, spent the rest of the night in bae’s bedroom. I woke up triumphant, lucky, a new person. Watching bae taking a shower while brushing my teeth. Bae has to work, I must return to my temple for some homework. Kissed for an hour more, the instant coffee I despise tasted better than any coffee my bae did not make. Kissed again, wishing for the clock to freeze. Shoot!!! the hour struck 10:00. Gotta let bae work.

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