Yesterday we just celebrated the 5th Vueniversary — today we are excited to announce the release of Vue 2.6 “Macross”!

In the past year, we spent a lot of time working on the new CLI and prototyping for 3.0. As a result, Vue core 2.x hasn’t received major updates in quite a while. It’s about time! This release combines a number of substantial improvements, internal changes and new features which are highlighted in this post. For full details, make sure to also check out the full release note on GitHub.

Slots: New Syntax, Performance Improvements & Alignment with 3.0

Slots is an important mechanism that enables flexible component composition…

Last week at Vue.js London I gave a brief sneak peek of what’s coming in the next major version of Vue. This post provides an in-depth overview of the plan.

Why a new major version?

Vue 2.0 was released exactly two years ago (how time flies!). During this period, the core has remained backwards compatible with five minor releases. We’ve accumulated a number of ideas that would bring improvements, but they were held off because they would result in breaking changes. At the same time, the JavaScript ecosystem and the language itself has been evolving rapidly. There are greatly improved tools that could enhance our…

Over the past few months, we’ve been working really hard on the next generation of Vue CLI, the standard build toolchain for Vue applications. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Vue CLI 3.0 and all the exciting features that come with it.

Rich Built-in Features

Vue CLI 3 is a completely different beast from its previous version. The goal of the rewrite is two-fold:

  1. Reduce configuration fatigue of modern frontend tooling, especially when mixing multiple tools together;
  2. Incorporate best practices in the toolchain as much as possible so it becomes the default for any Vue app.

At the core, Vue…

We are excited to announce the release of Vue 2.5 Level E! This release includes improvements of various features and we recommend checking out the release note for full details. In this post we are going to highlight some of the more prominent changes: better TypeScript integration, better error handling, better support for functional components in single-file components, and environment-agnostic server-side rendering.

Better TypeScript Integration

With the help from the TypeScript team, 2.5 offers greatly improved type declarations that works with Vue’s out-of-the-box API without the need for a component class decorator. The new type declarations also power editor extensions like Vetur, enabling…

Typing Improvements

We have been receiving requests for better TypeScript integration ever since the release of Vue 2.0. Since the release, we have included official TypeScript type declarations for most of the core libraries (vue, vue-router, vuex). However, the current integration is somewhat lacking when using the out-of-the-box Vue API. For example, TypeScript cannot easily infer the type of this inside the default object-based API that Vue uses. To make our Vue code play nicely with TypeScript, we have to use thevue-class-component decorator, which allows us to author Vue components using a class-based syntax.

For users that preferred a class-based API, this…

Today we are happy to announce that we have started to accept financial contributions to the Vue project via OpenCollective.

Why OpenCollective?

The question many will probably ask is “why OpenCollective when you already have a successful Patreon campaign?” — there are a few reasons:

  • When I started the Patreon campaign, the primary goal was providing myself with enough income so that I can work on Vue full-time. Today, as the Vue community grows, there are more and more contributions from the community, and OpenCollective’s transparent expense model could help us scale the financial contributions beyond a single developer.
  • OpenCollective is also…

…and we thought 2015 was an explosive year!

It’s already end of 2016! During the past 12 months, Vue’s growth has been consistently exceeding my expectations — the project has grown from a relatively niche framework to one that is now often compared to the biggest players in the field. Let’s take a look at what happened!

2016 Stats Overview

  • NPM downloads: 1,943,567 total, 1,531,217 YTD (up from 382,184 in 2015, +300%)
  • Core repo GitHub stars: 37,664 total, ~26,000 YTD (up from ~7,600 in 2015, +240%)
  • Core repo Pull Requests merged: 350 total, 258 YTD (up from 70 in 2015, +268%)
  • page views: 21,424,759 YTD (up from 3,761,728 in 2015…

As Vue users, many of you may have used vue-resource for handling ajax requests in your Vue applications. For a long time it’s been thought of as the “official” ajax library for Vue, but today we are retiring it from official recommendation status.

Although listed under the vuejs organization, vue-resource was almost completely written and maintained by the PageKit team. We transferred it into the vuejs organization in the early days because it was great seeing the community contributing libraries solving an essential problem, and we greatly appreciate all the work the PageKit team has put into the project. …

Today I am thrilled to announce the official release of Vue.js 2.0: Ghost in the Shell. After 8 alphas, 8 betas and 8 rcs (a total coincidence!), Vue.js 2.0 is ready for production! The official guide has been fully updated and is available at

Ever since the work on 2.0 started back in April, the core team has made significant contributions to API design, bug fixes, documentation and TypeScript typings (yes, vue core, vue-router and vuex 2.0 …

2.0 is now in RC!

We announced Vue 2.0 back in April, and today I am very excited to release the first release candidate for Vue 2.0! From this stage on we will be in API freeze and there will be no more breaking changes before official release.

All the official supporting libraries, e.g. vue-router, vuex, vue-loader & vueify have all been updated to work with Vue 2.0. This means the 2.0 stack is technically complete — the only thing we are waiting for is documentation and release-related logistics. Despite that, we have prepared a Vue 2.0 RC Starter Resources guide to help those feeling…

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